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THULE; Sky Click | Thule SkiClick TH7291

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Product name THULE SkiClick ski click TH7291
Maximum load (set) Ski: 1 (cross country skiing only) 
Loading width (cm) / body width (cm)
Product weight (kg)
Large push buttons
Rubber protector
Rock (ski & attachments)
Lock (base carrier & attachments)
Wing bar support
Fitting for
Square support
Slide bar
TUV approved
For more product information Ski carrier designed for cross country skiing.
Innovative ski can be fixed, just put a snap trap.
Features -Just click, fixed on the roof rack
Smart design provides space-saving
-Safety lock feature
Notes And that our treatment of Thule products are Japan imported genuine 5 year warranty applies, but both made by Thule-based career and attachment conditions.
And even if you could even use THULE products with third-party products failure becomes a THULE 5-year warranty, when it happened. It is recommended that you align with the THULE product ensure and secure the fitting for the.
If you change the product design and specifications regarding the manufacturer without prior notice.
-WEB image is an image. Textures differ slightly from the actual product.
-We offer any inquiries, such as installation, advice, etc.
-Damage due to incorrect use or installation, and maintenance and storage the inadequacy or negligence, abuse (overload, non-adapted products, mods, etc.) is not under warranty.
For consumable items such as rubber and belt warranty.
-Not under warranty is damage caused by natural disasters in disaster, or vehicle collisions, and falls.
? This warranty does not apply for loss by third parties such as theft and mischief and damage.
Please note, if the case arose disagreements between the customer and the THULE Inc., regarding the determination of whether the warranty we will complete discretion of THULE, so as the.
-Extension of the warranty period is not allowed, even if it was based on the warranty repair.
? This warranty is valid only in Japan.
And attachment with the key regardless of load, please make sure you have locked in running.
? Enter the load bars is possible depending on the model designation product number one size up, but 10 minutes carefully out of from the foot and do not leave the car width absolutely.
-You are significantly affected by the wind boat, windsurfing, etc. always around belt and securely fasten.
? Ensure boatload differ according to the model, unprejudiced and overload the weight.
Career position value from the vehicle manufacturer, follow the instructions. If the carrier mounting position is not specified, before and after the bar spacing should be at least 700 mm above.
And precautions, please check manufacturer.
-Please check at the manufacturer for more information.
-Keep value will guarantee certificate and purchase slips will be sent.
-This item is ordered next I. If making stock, usually 3-5 days after dispatch, inventory maker is not take a 1 month or more before delivery.
-Manufacturer orders after cancellations or customers are due to returns and exchanges are accepted cannot be.
-This product is not bundled with other products.

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