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Rear Box | Motorcycle top case tail box black smoke backrest large-capacity belonging to 32L removable expression Toride / red metal desorption

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Rear box RS32R
Black / smoke + red panel

For more information |Type color set includes

Top case
I adopt aerodynamic streamlined design Type

No painting rear box (the body) … one
Red metal panel (the painting) … one
General-purpose installation baseplate … one
Backrest … one (it has been put on) … one
Metal fittings set … one for the installation
Spare key … two

Capacity: 32 L
Material: PP (polypropylene)
Compatible manufacturer: generic

※Rear carrier is necessary for installation. As I cannot attach it with the rear spoiler, thank you for your understanding beforehand.

※It is a general-purpose design, but, depending on a car model put on, it may be necessary to have you prepare parts separately.

* Installation and operating instructions are not included.
※Import goods have it, and there may be painting Nomura with a manufacturing process and the fault in the transportation middle.

Accessories |Optional / after parts

Color panel white
Color panel red metal
Color panel silver metal

Installation base bracket

Product properties |About the function of the product

Storage space increases markedly by attaching this product.
Of course storing allows the full-faced helmet helmet to the accessory including +α, a rain outfit and the glove at the same time.
In the case of a tandem run, it is shipped with a backrest as well as storage space to be able to perform a comfortable run.
In addition, I can operate the baseplate secession with one finger, and possess it willingly as I can perform the secession from a baseplate by a one push, and disassembly is possible.
The equipment that is higher-grade than other boxes.

Notes |Always check please.

It is relatively simple work, but the guarantee is not intended under any circumstance when I am attached in you, and a product is damaged, and an accident occurs.

Any bike shop (the shop mechanic) other than those working near you so would void the warranty under any circumstances is responsible for the failure of bike shops, please contact.

Also, can we contact about replacing the answer in our elite. If you have any questions, please of please consult to the bike shop.

※It is a design in consideration of waterproofness, but, in the case of a run at the time of the rainy weather,, please take measures such as putting baggage in the plastic bag because it is not complete waterproofing. In addition, it causes the mold when I keep it with getting wet. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

* Or for the prevention of accidents, after work, make sure the bolt is tightened, check please.

※You retighten the bolt of each part for preventing it from falling off, and please attach it to the body.

Compatible models |Suitable for a wide range of models

※The car model listed in a title becomes for searches. After approval, please consider beforehand.

※It is said that the number that is available for bundling is to two.
When you buy more than one, the shipping cost will charge for each ones.
As I inform it of the postage in the case of the postage, a change some other time, it, please be understood.