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Caster Cart for Steel Pail Can | it fits for 285mm (28.5cm) pail cans.

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Canned Peer cart
Product made in stainless steel

Product information |The product details

Product made in stainless steel that the durability does not get rusty highly
The canned Peer cart who was strong in rust was completed by using high-quality stainless steel.
To the which uses a canned Peer cart made of conventional steel (iron) in the outdoors or a garage or a basement with the moisture, and was in trouble for rust, I recommend a canned strong stainless steel Peer cart made to rust from now on.
As I employed a caster made of resin rubber by a stylish appearance as well as a garage and a workshop, I reduce a pain to flooring even if I have you use it in a house.
The use as the bucket type toy box case made of plastic of interior storing and the child is possible, too.

Size |I would like confirmation by all means.

Outside size approximately 32cm in diameter, 内寸直径約 28.5cm
Height: Approximately 17.1cm (I include caster approximately 6.4cm)

There is the product which is different in size.
>Canned Peer cart 300mm

Material |I would like confirmation by all means.

Stainless steel (SUS304) (remove a caster)

Instructions |I would like confirmation by all means.

※Aged deterioration is hasty by the use the outdoors.
※The canned Peer of the photograph is a use example. It is not attached.
※The hue of an image and the product may vary according to monitor resolution of the use, color adjustment.