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Steel Pail Can Reselect


Steel Pail Can | 20L (5gal) can good for Interior, dust box, trash can, organize box, collection box, and so on.

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Canned Peer
Product made in stainless steel

Product information |The product details

Product made in stainless steel that the durability does not get rusty highly
Canned Peer who was strong in rust was completed by using high-quality stainless steel. To the which uses canned Peer made of conventional steel (iron) in the outdoors or a garage or a basement with the moisture, and was in trouble for rust, I recommend canned strong stainless steel Peer made to rust from now on.

Expensive medicine characteristics resisting a medicine-resistant
It is available in expensive pharmaceutical products, fragrance in disfavor with an odor, the corrosion-resistant container of chemicals.

  Stainless steel
5000 system
Polyvinyl chloride
Gasoline X
か-related soda
(30% 20 degrees Celsius)
Persulphuric acid ammonium X
Xylene X X
Acetic acid
Ethane tetrachloride X
Carbon tetrachloride X
Nitric acid (10% 20 degrees Celsius)
Mercury X
Sodium hydroxide X
Tetrachloro ethane X X

※This document listed the general experimental value of materials, and is not a guarantee level in the product. Therefore, I would like the evaluation with the true container by all means when I use a medicine.

With leak prevention band
Sealing characteristics are high and use the open band of the lever hand type. I am reliable by any chance so that a cover opens even if canned Peer turns over, and fuel, a medicine and baggage of the inside are not scattered as I use a strong opening and shutting band.

How to use is various depending on arrangement
I use it as industrial one point interior of a garage and the room let alone the use as the storage containers such as a tool, the toy from a medicine, fuel and can use it as a chair if I purchase the cover with the cushion for the chair and attach it. In addition, the which I pierce it recently and attach an insulation material or a chimney and create a rocket stove by myself and used in outdoor increases.

I handle the cart with a caster which is convenient for transportation.
>Cart for canned Peer 285mm
>Cart for canned Peer 300mm

Size |I would like confirmation by all means for Japan use.

The body: Outside size upper part approximately 29.2cm in diameter, lower part 28.1cm in diameter
Board thickness: 0.8mm
A cover: Outside size approximately 31.1cm, 内寸約 27.6cm
The height of the handle: Approximately 14.9cm
The thickness of the handle: Approximately 6mm

Material |I would like confirmation by all means for Japan use.

The body: Stainless steel (SUS304)
A cover: Stainless steel (SUS304)
A handle: Stainless steel (SUS304)
An open band: Steel

Instructions |I would like confirmation by all means for Japan use.

※Aged deterioration is hasty by the use the outdoors.
※You defeat it aside, and please do not use it.
※The hue of an image and the product may vary according to monitor resolution of the use, color adjustment.