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Glove Equipment | e-HEAT RSP041 12 V vehicle connection cable set winter RS Taichi EGAT

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e-Heat 12 V Power Supply Cable Set

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You can get power from the vehicle without worrying about time, use e-HEAT product becomes available.

You can get a higher output compared to the lithium-ion battery, battery care can use e-HEAT without vehicle power connection is set.
Single glove, vest and jacket, not to mention concurrent best & gloves, jackets & gloves are available.
Due to the impact of power generation capacity, or other electrical equipment not available depending on the model, because mounting is recommended upon your request to the nearest bike shop that.
Please note this product is 2015-2016 winter lineup the previous use in not. For more information please refer to the compatibility table.

At the same time can be used with gloves and jackets/vests
Using the Turbo mode available (for RST621/622/623/RSU600/RSU601)

Fitness model (Grove): RST621, RST622, RST623
(Jacket/vest) fits models: su600, su601

12 V car connection cable set

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