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Winter Glove Set | RST621 e-HEAT PROTECTION GLOVE white WHITE black size M RSP042 7.2 V charger and batteries included set winter RS Taichi IR heat protection biker fashion

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Flagship models equipped with hard protector e-HEAT

Outer fabric/leather, nylon, synthetic leather, neoprene and polyester
Lining and polyester
Waterproof liner / dry master
Cotton / polyester (Thinsulate)

Structure improves usability review

flagship model “of the strongest winter gloves” e-HEAT system, the waterproof and moisture-proof capabilities combine with hard protector.
Adopt a carbon fiber heating unit heater with wrist controller controller switch 3 phase + Turbo mode (vehicle power only) temperature adjustment is possible, flexible and hard to break.
In the finger when held the grip to fit around the toes and instep by contact heating units, particularly susceptible to cold efficient warmth is transmitted.
No wiring to the power supply the lithium-ion battery can be used immediately, and charger set(RSP042)And safe riding for a long time, you can use Turbo mode also available 12-volt connection cable set(RSP041)For it is possible in the form of either or both, depending on your application.
Also, even when not using the power so that the gloves themselves for the cold weather as winter gloves feature delivers 10 minutes.

-Waterproof and breathable (dry master)
Carbon power plant unit
Issue type switch (only when using the vehicle power Turbo mode available)
Battery level indicator (switch flashing colors)
-Made of mcFit method
-Smahotouch (thumb / person difference finger)
Hard protector (instep and palms)
Floating system (upper)

* Globe body + dedicated charger + battery (2 pieces) set
* For more detailed information at the manufacturer’s site check please.

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