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Glove | Five RS3 GLOVE Black BLACK black M size Five5

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10-too much protection and fit
A simple model was achieved, at a low price!
This spec at this price!

-PU knuckle cover with 4 way spandex and the Interior Super foam material reduces maximum discomfort NaCl protection and shock absorption.

[Back side]
PU knuckle.
? 4 way spandex and place based on each finger joint on impact absorption material, ensures breathability and protection.
? Improved fitting and breathable, lilac material used between the fingers.

FIVE original TPR slider inside low-rebound materials reduces to maximize damage to shock absorption and the globe itself.
-Further reinforced grip parts of skin-based,.

? Adopted airplane, improve the touch and breathable.
-Place and pass pullover, easy to install, better fitting.

[Measures for Smartphone]
-Smartphone operations, placing materials for touch-screen to your index finger and thumb.

Do not touch screen material, images and colors and materials may vary, but changes to the functionality and ease of use.

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