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Helmet | SHOEI X-Fourteen X-14 ASSAIL TC-2 blue BLUE/WHITE blue / white M size Iowa ex Fortin X14 x 14 assail full face

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SHOEI X-Fourteen X-14

Born from Racing

SHOEI’s have been challenged in the road race in the MotoGP premier racing full face x-series.
Introducing leading-edge know-how obtained from the race for the top categories with a high level of safety, exhaustively shell shield, decorated, Aero device, redesigned them all. To win in the race just made REAL RACING SPEC, racing full face, X-Fourteen running track in the world.

Main features of X-Fourteen


The science of racing position
Refine aerodynamic performance at high speeds

X-Fourteen focuses on the statement, we developed a set-based position was strongly lean rider riding position. In helmet from the forehead to the back of the head, and overalls back driving wind tunnel experiments on scientific analysis and the perfected the design of the shell. To increase the aerodynamic rear stabilizer equipped with interchangeable are carved on the surface of the shell edges & shapes, depending on condition, loaeaspoiler, has been optimized. By this comparison of wind tunnel in conventional ratio and lift:-3% drag:-10% yaw:-achieved the 50 percent figure (internal reference). Aerodynamic performance improved greatly contribute to reduce rider fatigue.

Shielding system

Corresponds to the attached tear-off film
CWR-F shield of quadratic surface

Newly adopted new quadratic curved shield “CWR-F” in the X-Fourteen. To optimize a fine curvature and thickness depending on the thoroughly improved optical properties of polycarbonate CWR-F shield is to ensure a natural and clear visibility, with shield rigidity higher deflection shield at high speeds, I eliminate kinks. Secured with and QR-E shield base combination with ensuring easy attachment and detachment, and variable axial double-action mechanism.


Prevent fogging of a shield that occurs at low temperatures and rainfall is a condition essential for comfortable riding.
In X-Fourteen prevents fogging of shield PINLOCK? EVO lens as standard. View nearly covering all the PINLOCK? EVO lens fogging, ensure a pleasant sight in any condition.


Corresponds to the racing position
Decorated cover angle adjustment.

Naked upright riding position with the upper body leaning forward, sport / racing machines, naturally position the helmet angle varies. Be able to adjust his angle of the Interior in two stages according to the riding position at X-Fourteen, and focusing on this point. By changing the mounting position of the cheek pad and Center pad covering angle rotates against standard positions about 4 degrees forward, effectively ensure the racing position upward field of vision is hard to get enough forward visibility as a result. Views in to the exit of a corner when it crowded down in deep lean angles machine vision creates significant benefits for any rider.

Replacing the pads can be split
Excellent fit for any rider

Adopted a new System Center pad X-Fourteen is essential for proper fit, and 6 minutes, all independently replaceable. This system by changing the thickness of the pad to fit the rider’s head shape, frontal, occipital, temporal, parietal, neck pad (optional) greatly enhances the fit has become possible. Also interior surface material is excellent in moisture drying, has been gaining popularity by the traditional “HYGRA?” and adopted a hybrid texture of brushed fabric. Equipped to facilitate emergency helmet removal cheek E. Q. R. S..

Emergency quick release system
E.Q.R.S.(emergency Quick Release System)

Emergency helmet removal system in case of an accident:

Removing the helmet from the third party if the accident had occurred, making rescue work is difficult than you think. To support the relief work during an emergency such as this shock absorption and comfort is, of course, but also one of the important features of the helmet. SHOEI has developed E. Q. R. S. (Emergency Quick Release System), simply pull the Ribbon only in, which might easily while minimizing the strain on the neck, it is possible to remove the helmet.
* Do not use E. Q. R. S. will usually remove the cheek pads maintenance purposes.

Ventilation system

Driving wind actively inside the lead thermal and moisture discharged efficiently,
You can feel the wind ventilation

Air intake equipped with two front and upper for ventilation system of X-Fourteen to demonstrate strong forward posture is sufficient.
From the outlet hole on the top and rear stabilizer in effectively using negative pressure, drain the hot air.
Lower air intake placed the shield at the bottom X-Fourteen, further isolate two strains, created a new route. Upper intake is conventional, lead wind shield inner defrost function, the lower intake leads to wind the route to cheek pads easy to heat and moisture buildup.

Shells & liners

Combination of impact absorption liner shell size 4 and 5 sizes for setting the size of the X-Fourteen provides every rider the perfect fit XS-covers 6 sizes up to XXL.
Organic fiber and glass fiber composite laminate with AIM + construction shell, safety standards stipulated in clear. In addition to JIS, conforms to the latest SNELL standards.

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