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RS TAICHI; Jacket | RSJ832 GMX arrow leatherette jacket White / Black 4XL size (EURO size:58) ARROW LEATHER JACKET

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And the shoulders reminiscent of racing suit TIPS
Vented leather excellent breathability and mobility adopted General
Sport riding on top leather jacket!

Outer fabric / leather
Lining and polyester (absorbing sweat drying mesh T-DRY)

Vented leather shoulders TIPS and General reminder of racing suit precisely.
Safety is, of course, comfort and ease of riding and breathable, pure sport leather jacket located on the top-ranked in all of that.
For use on public roads than racing sports loose due to winds trap liner comfort and detachable, climate change corresponds to the too widely.
In addition, Knox CE hard protector (shoulder, elbow) and the tradition of the GMX series and cleared the level-2 CE back protector as standard.
CPS (Chest Protector system) also supports and fitted Chest Protector button is available (the protector is sold separately).
Jacket and pants with joint fastener, so use OK (used in races and get used in MFJ recognized is not allowed), (contact organizers for use) is recommended in the circuit run by using.

Vented leather (its predecessor, upper arms)
CE protectors (shoulder, elbow and back)
(Shoulder), and TIPS
Neck support (back)
Windproof inner (detachable)
Absorbing sweat drying mesh Interior (T-DRY)
Fitting Asia Star (West)
-Kebrotelkkebler (shoulder-sleeve)
-Resapantsjoyntofasner (for RSY814/815/817/819/822/824/828)
-Shearing (dorsal side, elbow)
-Neck knit

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