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RS TAICHI; Bottoms | RSY550 WINDPROOF stretch denim Indigo WOMEN'S size: Bottoms wind proof STRETCH DENIM for the W27 woman

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Stretch denim

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The warm wind with her
In the soft touch and comfortable windproof & stretch denim!

Cotton / polyurethane Outer fabric
Lining and polyester

Stretch denim, stretch lamination, and adopt a three-tier structure of brushed tricot windproof & excellent heat retention,
To follow the full range of riding form allows high stretching denim pants.
Wearing a knee position adjustable form protector.
Hem night vision reflector prints improve visibility and can be your everyday style, while enhanced the safety of riding.

-3-layer stretch lamination windproof denim (stretch denim and stretch lamination and brushed tricot).
Form protector (knees and position can be adjusted)
Reflector (hem)
Women’s-only pattern (WOMEN’s / 26 ~ 29)

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