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RS TAICHI; PANTS | RSY252 WOMENS size: Camouflage CORDURA STRETCH PANTS for 28 lady's women

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Product information |The product details

I am full of elasticity and am matched with any jacket
Casual riding underwear

Dress material / cotton nylon polyurethane
Lining / polyester

Using expensive strength and cloth for ストレッチコーデュラ having both stretch characteristics, I follow every movement, riding form.
I expand and contract in total and put on the form protector which I can justify up and down to work on a knee.
I make a reflector print raising night cover visibility on a hem and raise safety.
It is コーデュラストレッチパンツ which the function that is necessary for the casual style and riding that messengers can usually do has both.

・High-strength CORDURA stretch cloth
・Form protector (knee / position adjustment possibility)
・Women-only pattern (W25 – W28)

Instructions |Please confirm it by all means.

※This product becomes the order. When there is maker stock,
It may usually take it by shipment more than one month when there are not the shipment 2-5 days later, maker stock.

In addition, I let you display the number of the maker stock when I relate to the number of the stock,
It may become out of stock depending on the timing at the time of the order. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

※As returned goods, the exchange correspondence after the order by the product mistake for size, collar is not possible,
After confirmation, I would like an order by all means.
※When I relate to it in detail, I would like confirmation from a maker page.

※This product with other products cannot bundle it.

Product in conjunction with a motorcycle article, the wear