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RS TAICHI; Shirt | RSU289 cool ride zip inner shirt short sleeves Medium size RACER RED COOL RIDE ZIP INNER SHIRT tops

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Product information |The product details

Be superior to quick-drying; of stickiness and the outerwear at the time of the sweat concern it, and suppress 付 きを.
It is an inner wear in short sleeves type to be usable as an outer after having taken off a jacket with the front zip specifications that I can wear relaxedly

Polyester polyurethane

・The dirt of stickiness and the outer due to the sweat concerns it and controls 付 きを
・The front fastener specifications that take it off, and wear it, and are easy to expand
・Outer pocket
・UV cut function (more than 90% of ultraviolet rays cover rates)

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It may usually take it by shipment more than one month when there are not the shipment 2-5 days later, maker stock.

In addition, I let you display the number of the maker stock when I relate to the number of the stock,
It may become out of stock depending on the timing at the time of the order. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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After confirmation, I would like an order by all means.
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※This product with other products cannot bundle it.

Product in conjunction with a motorcycle article, the wear