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RS TAICHI; Leather Suit | NXL304 GP-WRX R304 leather suit White MS size LEATHER SUIT Aires Tisch

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Inherited technology of high-end model “GP-MAX”
Newly adopted the mid-range model TIPS!


-T.R.A.D(Taichi Riding Active Design) to RS Taichi for all movements required when riding your own three-dimensional pattern
-Adopted protectionist riders and TIPS (Taichi Impact Protection Slider) road surface frictional resistance, to mitigate the impact of the fall on the shoulder, elbow, and knee (NXL304)
-Clear and European CE standards to CE protectors shoulders, elbows and knees, and boasts a shock absorbent CE protector is used for
Large neck support (back)
-Sealer keprotech Kevlar (sleeves-armpit and groin-cuffs)
Bentedresashire ring

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