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Head Light | 8 inch headlight smoke 51 Carrie Corolla Levin trueno Landcruiser Mark II Chaser fairlady Z Datsun sunny Safari Pajero mini JEEP eunos Roadster RX-7 life jimny.

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2 lamp type round size standard.
Multi reflector head lights

Performance Illuminated front efficiently!

Why don’t you Exchange to a multi-reflector headlight from factory headlights becoming mainstream?
Adopting multi reflector, against us forward efficiently reduce wasted light difFusion!
Genuine and ratio is the difference as evident in the forward vision better visibility.
Relieved by this night be able to drive, contributes to improvement in safety!

Design Looks clear contribute to dress up!

Normal the lens cat the headlight lenses and feels very heavy.
This product can eliminate lens cut headlights bright nice and clear the atmosphere.
With genuine compare it after installing the looks difference is self-explanatory.
Demonstrate the outstanding presence even when not lit and public areas inside the lens is stuck.
In terms of performance as well as contribute to dress up this multi-reflector headlights, this opportunity!!

SA y size Headlight size

Diameter: 20 cm
Lens diameter: 17.5 cm
RIM thickness: 2 cm
RIM edge-depth: 8 cm
For valves type:H4 type 12 V (60 / 55 W or less)

Set contents Set left and right!

Brand new multireflecterhead light lens ASSY left and right one set H4 bulb (60 / 55 W) included
* Please use rim headlight are not included, so currently installed.

How to mount Development knowledge and experience working please done!

Mounting of our products are genuine lenses and replacement work. Fits models for generic products, the even small machining needed during installation. Use the replacement headlight bracket not included such bracket for fixing. Light shape and track may need machining valve outlet that fits on a standard. 24 V car Please note may also if outlet is required. Not confident in installing your local’s request to shop, etc.. Please note that the installation work done on your own if you damage voids the warranty.

Compatible models Suitable for a wide range of models!

Corolla (E10, E20, E30, E50)
Corolla Levin TE27 (TE37, TE51)
Sprinter trueno (TE47)
Land Cruiser (40, 60, 70 / 12 V car)
Chaser (MX30)
Public (series P10, P20, P30, P50 series)

Fairlady Z (S30 series, S130 series)
Datsun SUNNY (B10, B110, B210 series)
SUNNY TRUCK (B20, B120 series early and middle)
Cherry (E10, F10)
SAFARI (Y60 series)

Pajero (founder, two generations ahead)
Pajero Junior (95 / 11 ? 98 / 6)
Pajero mini (94 / 12 ? 98 / 10)
JEEP (J59)

Eunos Roadster (NA6CE, NA8CE)
Cosmo sports (early and late)
RX-7 (SA22C)

Life (type SA)
City (AA type)
Step van

Jimny (SJ30, SJ40 JA51 JA71, JA11, JB31, JA12, JA22)
Zimnysierra (JB32 series)
Frontera (TLA, FEA, LC10, LC20, LC30, SS30, SS40)

Hijet (S40, S60, S65)
Midget II (K100P)
Atrai Classics (S120V, S130V)

Sambar (first, second, third)

* Position light built-in type 2 light does not fit the vehicle headlights expression, so please check.
Others cannot be fitted in the described models differ in shape of the headlights depending on age and grade.
Please note that it cannot be attached for round 4 lights headlights expression of various sizes.
Vehicle mounted fits models other than the above, there is many.
Check headlight size, passenger vehicles on the your bid request.

* This product is for parts.