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Mirror | For CB400SB CB1300SB pure Type NC39 NC42 SC54 car inspection-response cowling mirror

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CB 400 Boldor
Pure Type mirror

Detailed |Type color set contents

CB 400 Boldor pure Type mirror
I adopt pure Type

The installation screw, please use a pure article.

One set of right and left (entering two)

※Like a pure mirror, I adopt a convex mirror.

※Installation, the instruction manual is not attached.
※Import goods have it, and there may be a manufacturing process and a scratch in the transportation middle.

Instructions |I would like confirmation by all means.

I adopt new safety standard size after 2007.

Attachment means |A person with the maintenance knowledge, please perform the work.

It is the exchange with the mirror of the errand now. The basic work tightens a nut and only loosens it, but the confidence which there is not, please depend on installation to a motorcycle shop nearby as I am attached in visitors and am out of the guarantee when a product is damaged.

Correspondence car model |CB400SB CB1300SB


CB400SB (SUPER BOLD’OR: NC39/NC42) From ’05 to ’17
CB1300SB (SUPER BOLD’OR: SC54) From ’05 to ’17