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Mirror | GP mirror GPZ250 GPZ400F2 Z400GP Z750GT YBR125 impulse 400 Barrios XV1900CU Z400FX BW' S100 Z1 NC750S GN125H CL400 V- strike loam Forza XJR1300 CB650F cello 250 MT-07 グラディウス 500SS Maxam SR400 KLX125 SMAX D trucker X GSX400E

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GP mirror

Detailed |Type color set contents

GP mirror
I adopt plastic (black)

An installation screw is M10 original screw

One set of right and left (include two)

※Like a pure mirror, I adopt a convex mirror.

※Installation, the instruction manual is not attached.
※Import goods have it, and there may be a manufacturing process and a scratch in the transportation middle.

Instructions |I would like confirmation by all means for Japan use.

I cannot be attached to a vehicle produced after January 1, 2007 (Heisei 19) to conflict with a preservation standard.

They place a car model name in a product title, the correspondence car model, but we cannot take all responsibility when I attach it to a vehicle produced after January 1, 2007 (Heisei 19), and some kind of problems occur. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Necessary matter |About an installation bolt

・In the case of Yamaha car 10mm, 10mm → 10mm conversion original screw adapter and 10mm → 10mm conversion reverse screw adapter are necessary separately

・In the case of Yamaha car 8mm, 10mm → 8mm conversion original screw adapter and 10mm → 8mm conversion reverse screw adapter are necessary separately

Other maker vehicles,
In the case of 8mm, 10mm → 8mm conversion original screw adapter is necessary separately
※Even the vehicle except the Yamaha car may use a reverse screw. I would like confirmation before an order.

When there is the interference with the brakes master, please cope with adapters.

※Please buy it than an order screen as needed.
※I cannot accept the order from a request column.

Attachment means |A person with the maintenance knowledge, please perform the work.

It is the exchange with the mirror of the errand now. The basic work tightens a nut and only loosens it, but the confidence which there is not, please depend on installation to a motorcycle shop nearby as I am attached in visitors and am out of the guarantee when a product is damaged.

Correspondence car model |It supports a wide car model

As it is a Pan-article, it supports many car models. There is installation bolt size on the body side with 8mm, 10mm in the car model of mention.
I would like confirmation of the bolt size once again before having you order it.

One recommended installation car model


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Majesty 125FI Majesty 250 Majesty C Grand doma Jess tea 250
Grand doma Jess tea 400 act Maxam T-MAX
TW200 TW225 cello 225W cello 250 Tricker GX250
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SR400 SR500 XJR1200 XJR1300 Virago 250 drug star 250 XS650SP


KSR50 KSR80 KSRII KSR110 eliminator 125 Z200 est rare RS custom D trucker
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It is 200 GSX250FX 90 Street Magic Colleda 50S GS50 van van 75 straight straight
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D trucker