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Reflector | Board black; for ZZR400 CB400SF CBX400F ZRX1200 GSX1400 shadow 400 classical music ZX-10R SV400S having T-shaped car inspection-response aluminum rear light reflector

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Aluminum reflector kit black

Performance |The necessities in the fender reply!

The case that I cut the fender of the normal car, and a reflector has disappeared,
When I put on a fenderless kit made in the other companies where a reflector is not attached to,
Or when attach general-purpose tail lamp; with or without car inspection
This reflector (riff Rex, rear reflector) is necessary to meet a preservation standard.

Design |The light reflector which is compact in slim

It is stylish and realizes clear rear rotation by the light reflector of the slim type.
Aluminum black alumite finish.

Size |Reflector part about 83X30mm

Approximately 146mm in width

Set contents |Reflector set

Aluminum number base … one
Reflector … one
Prevention of resonance felt … one

Attachment means |A person with the maintenance knowledge, please perform the work!

※You retighten the bolt of the reflector part for preventing it from falling off, and please attach it to the body.

I am only attached to the back of the number plate, but the confidence which there is not, please depend on installation to a motorcycle shop nearby as I am out of the guarantee when I am attached in visitors, and malfunction occurs.

Correspondence car model |It supports a wide car model

As this product becomes the Pan-article, it supports a wide car model.

One recommended installation car model


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