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Back Footpeg | Step Pedal | OE Type step pedal ZRX1200R ZRX1200S ZX-12R NINJA250R Balius 2 ZRX1100 ZRX400 GPZ900R Zephyr 750 RS Zephyr Zephyr 400 x ZZR1400 ZZR1200 ZZR1100 GPZ400R Zephyr 1100 ZZR400 ZZR250 1400GTR 1000GTR Z1000

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OE Type step pedals

Performance:A comfortable atmosphere!

Falling and standing part enters the wound with the widow, etc..
Just Coco becomes beautiful body you will see beautiful.
At the low price of please consider this opportunity listings.

Design |Stock type

This design of unique stock type!
A wide range of Custom vehicle from normal vehicles can be used in styles.

Set contents:Please check

For front step pedal stock type. 1 each side
Mounting parts. 1 set

* Please use genuine parts for mounting parts are attached.
* Installation instructions and operating instructions are not included.

Mounting method:Who is improving knowledge work

Now use the step and Exchange. Relatively easy task caused by working for non-bike shop (the shop mechanic), responsible for the failure, any warranty is so near you in please request this service from bike shops.

Compatible models:For the following models

If the shapes are different due to the model, specification changes.
Please once again confirm that currently use step pedal shape.


ZRX1200R/S (BC-ZRT 20)
ZRX1100 ZRX1100-II (ZRT10C)
ZRX/2 (400) (ZR400E/BC-ZR400E)
GPZ1100/ABS (ZXT10E)
GPZ900R/750R (ZX900A/ZX750G)
GPZ400R (ZX400D)
ZEPHYR1100 / RS (all year)
ZEPHYR750 / RS (all year)
ZEPHYR400 (all year)
ZEPHYRχ (all year)
ZZ-R1400/ABS (ZXT40A/ZXT40B)
ZZ-R1200 (ZXT20C)
ZZ-R1100 (ZXT10C/ZXT10D)
ZZ-R600 (‘ 93-01)
ZZ-R400 (ZX400K/BC-ZX400N)
ZZ-R250 (EX250H/BA-EX250H)
1400 GTR (ZGT40A)
1000 GTR (‘ 86-93)
Z1000 (ZRT00B)
Z750 (ZR750L)
ZX-12R (ZXT20B)
ZX-9R (ZX900B/ZX900C/ZX900E/ZX900F)
ZR-7/S (ZR750F/BC-ZR750F)
Ninja 250R (JBK-EX 250 K) ‘ 08-09
BALIUS / 2 (ZR250A/ZR250B/BA-ZR250B)

* Genuine stepping if the fastener type milling becomes necessary.