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Motorcycle Chain | Gold chain GB400TT ZX-7R SV1000S GSX-400R GSX-r 600 V GSX400 impulse CBR900RR Transalp CBR400R VFR750R SV1000 CBR600F RF400RV ZX-7RR GSX-r 750 Zephyr 750 SV650 ZX-9R GSF400P VL650 VRX XL1000V

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Gold plated chain
525 – 120 l clip


Performance:Y-N chain more strength and!

-Found BN chain has dealt with up to now, but better quality chain, so started to sell.
1 rank on the manufacturers indeed! Plate decoration with YB-and is enhanced much like yours.
Handling the country sells among trading companies is a well-known story as on surface treatment and strength as quality class 1 rank.

Design |Difference in gold plating

The chain has ever dealt with was a coating of gold
High point because further significant gold up to the part in the sickly gold plated chain here, but also close to the precious “Golden’ gold and the furnishings.

SA b series |-Displacement of large classes

525 – 120 l clip chain
Compatible with currently less than 120 L is your chain link number.

Set contents:Gold chain

Chain body. 1 piece
Clip joint. 1 piece

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

Near you are not confident in the mounting will void the warranty if the goods were damaged, and installed in the Customer’s identity is currently replacing your chain, so will be working basically easy for please ask to the bike shop.

This product is a clip type chain. Mounting clip is easy, but requires some maintenance knowledge.

Compatible models:Suitable for a wide range of models

So if the links are not enough according to the model in relation to sprockets,
Before ordering, please check the car chain size, number of links.


BROS Bros CB1 CB1CB400Super Four VTEC SPEC2 (97-01) CB400Super Four (-95), CB400VTECH (99-)
CB400 Super Four Version S/R (-98) CB750 (92-05) CB400Super Four HYPER-VTECII III.
CB400 Super Border CBR400F / endurance /F3 (83-85) XR600RT
XR600RTL CBR400R AERO CBR400RR GB400TT RVF400 Steed 400 VSE
Honda: Steed VLX 400 Suzuki 400 VCL (88-) NR750 Transalp VFR400R (NC30) (88)
VFR400Z VFR400R (86-) VFR400R PROARM (87-89) VRX ROASTAR CB500
CB500S (01-05) GB500TT CBR600F/FS (EXPORT) (01 / 02) N/R/R2 CBR600F.
CBR 600F-3 (96 / 97) CBR 600F-4 (99-00), CBR600F-4i (01-) CBR600RR (03-06)
HORNET HORNET600 600S Shadow 600 (86-) Steed of Steed 600 VLX 600 VLS
Transalp (87-00) VT600 NT650 BROS650 (87-91), XL650V Transalp (00-)
CB750 Nighthawk RVF750 (RC45) (94) 750F(PROARM) VFR (90-98), VFR750R
VFR800 (98-02) CBR900RR fireblade (96-99) HORNET 900 CB 1000 SF T-II
CB1000Super Four VTR1000F XL1000V VARADERO


YZF-R6 (99-05) it’s FZR400 TDM850 TRX850 TDM900 (02-06) (86-)


ZRX400/II (94-) Ninja ZX-6R (95-98), Ninja ZX-6R (636) (02) Ninja ZX-6R (00 / 01)
W650 (99-ZEPHYR75ZEPHYR750 RS ZR-7 ZR-7S ZX-7R Ninja (96-02)
ZX-7RR Ninja (96-01) (02 / 03) ZX-9R Ninja Z1000 (03-05) ZX-10R (04 / 05) ZX-10R (06).


GSF400 Bandit LTD GSF400 Bandit V GSF400P (96-) GSX400 FJ
GSX 400 Impulse (94-00) GSX 400 Impulse S (96-00) GSX400 KATANA GSX400R (86-)
GSX400R (84-) GSX-R400 (88-) (90-98) GSX-R400R/SP RF400R (92-94).
RF400RV (95-00) RG400T (85-) (04-06) GSX-R600 GSX-R600 V (97-00) GSR600 (06)
TL600 (98-) SV650 SV650S VL650 (V-Storm) (06) XF650 Freewind(97-02)
GSX-R750 (98 / 99) GSX-R750 (00-05) (06) GSX-R750 DL1000 V-Strom (02).
SV1000 (domestic) (03) SV 1000S (domestic) (03) GSF400 GSF400 Bandit (89-95)