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Brake Switch | 400 125 general-purpose brake switch XR50 GSX-R1000 CBR400F ZZR1200 VTR250 SL230 KDX220SR YZF750 GPZ750R ST250 bandit 250V KLE250 sky wave Bali osmaloader GSX1300R falcon FZR1000 ZZR1100 ZX-7RR fusion 250SB

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Brake switch left and right set
Performance In positive form looks just like net zero discomfort
Similar shape and the genuine accuracy is no different.
Your brake switch are working properly?
Depending on the weather and usage by corrosion of the wires in the switch and spring
There are many things not working properly.
Please make is try to explore?
Please, please try this opportunity.
SA y size Almost the same as the original
Almost the same as the original size so the bolt-on

* May vary depending on the Custom content, model, and the compatible models of the above.
Please order before you order now check your brake switch.
Set contents Brake switch
Brake switch. 1 set
Compatible models above are for front and the brake switch we have stated and the left and right set.
* Bonus items and we will rear switch in the 3rd picture.
* Instruction manual not attached.
How to mount Who is improving knowledge work
Installation of this product requires maintenance knowledge.
Please rest assured that needs to ask you a little thin cutter fitted to a new type of design because now, your old vehicle if the wiring outlet boots is thick for a problem is not to use.
Not confident to mount your local’s request to the bike shop. Installation work done on your own, corruption, etc. will void the warranty.
Compatible models For many of its models
Please see the table below for compatible models.

* Can be installed only the disk type vehicle

Lead 50 Lead 90 Lead 100 Lead 110 DIO DIO live DIO DIO (AF25. AF28. AF35. AF57)
Joker 50 Joker 90 Dream 50 tact (AF31) CB1 Dream 50
NSR50 NSR80 NSR250 NSR250R ns-1 NS1 NS50F Magna 50
Foresight Freeway Spacy 125 Fusion
Forza PS250 Sliver Wing 400 Sliver Wing 600
Rest CB125T CBX125F CBX125 Custom LA Custom VT250 Spada ( MC20 )
CB223 Servis Bros 250 BROS400 GB250 Clubman (MC10)
VTZ250 VT250Z VT250F CA250T level ( MC13 ) CB400SS (NC41) GB400TT
JADE CBX250RS LA Custom CL400 NS400R VF400F
VRX400 VFR400Z VFR400R CBX400F CBR400F RVF400R RVF750 VFR750R VFR750F
CB250 CB400Super Four (NC31. NC39. NC42) CB750 CB1000Super Four CB1300Super Four
CBX750F VF750 Magna Magna 250 (MC29) Steed 400 (NC37. NC26) Steed 600
CRM50 CRM80 CRM250AR AX-1 TLM220R SL230 XL250S XL400 XL600
XR50 XR100 XLR250R XR230 XR250 XR400 XR600 XL Degree XR250 Baja
XL250 XLR125 XLR200 CRM250 (MD32) XRV750 Africa twin 650 Africa twin 750
CBR250R CBR250RR CBR400RR CBR400F CBR400R CB400SS CB400Four (NC36)
CBR 1100XX of the CBR600RR CBR1000RR of CBR600F-4i CBR900RR CB750 (rc42)
VF750F VFR800 PC800 CBR929RR CBR945RR VTR1000 VTR1000F
VTX1800 CBR1000F VFR1200F GL1200F ST1300 X4 X 11 XL1000V
VT250 VT750 VTR250 VTR1000FC VRX400T VF750 VFR750 VFR800
Shadow 400 Shadow Slasher 400 Shadow 750 Shadow Slasher 750
750 Magna V45 Magna GL1500 Valkyrie GL1800 Transalp 400 Transalp 600

XJ400D XJ400E RZ250 RZ350
Diversion 400 FZ6S
FZR400R XJR400 R1-Z FZR250R FZ400 (4 YR)
YZF750 YZF750R YZF750SP93-95
YZF-R7 5FL1 00
FZR1000 3GM 94-95
YZF1000R Thunder ACE 96-00
XJR1200 4KG/4PU (94-96)
XJR1300 XJR1300SP XJR1300P (99-07)
FJR1300 (06-08)

Sepia ZZ Sepia RS Street Magic 50 Street Magic 110 ZZ Address V50 Address V
Address V100 K4-Jebel 200 Addresses V110 Address V125 (CF46A/CF4EA) (SH42A/K3-)
GS50 WOLF 50 (NA11A) Lexter 125 Lexter 150 Avenue 110 Avenue 150 Marauder 125
Gemma 250 250 SB GSX250FX Cobra ST250 (NJ4AA) WOLF 200 200 (92) Vanvan
Sky Wave 250 Sky Wave 400 (CJ41A, CJ42A CJ43A ) RF400 RV (93-99)
RG125 Gemma Gemma (91-95) WOLF 125 (92-95) RG200 Gemma γ is (92)
GSX250S KATANA (91-96) RGV250 Gemma (90-96) ACROSSs (90-98).
Intruder LC250 (00 ~) WOLF 250 (88-90) Goose250 (92-93)
Grass Tracker (00 ~) big BOI (00 ~) Bandit250 (90-96)
Bandit250V (95-97) Volty (96-00) Goose350 .
GSX40S KATANA (92) GS400E (G54A91-94) GSX-R400R ( (90-95))
SV400S (99-00) INAZUMA400 (97-) GSX 400 Impulse(94-99)
/ Death pettanko lard 400 (97) Bandit400V (89-96) GSX-R600 SV650 X/SX (99).
GSF750 (96) GSX-R750 (91-98) des pettanko lard 800 TL1000S (97-00), RF900RR (94)
TL1000R (98) GSX-R1000 (01-02) (95 / 00) GSX1100S KATANA GSX-R1100 W (93)
GS1200SS (00-02) GSF1200 (95-00), INAZUMA1200 (98) GSX1300R Hayabusa (99-)
GSX1400 (01-05) (93) SX1400 K1 Intruder 1500 W/X (98-99)

KSR-1 KSR-2 KSR110
Eliminator 125 Eliminator 250 Eliminator 250 V
Eliminator 750 Eliminator 900 Eliminator 1000
BALIUS BALIUS-II 250TR D Tracker W400 W600
ESTRELLA RS Custom Epsilon
KDX125SR KDX200SR KDX220SR KLE250 Arrone
ZXR250 ZXR250R ZXR750 ZXR750R ZX4
ZZ-R250 ZZ-R400 ZZ-R1100 ZZ-R1200C1-C2 (02-03)
GPZ400R GPZ750R GPZ900R GPZ1000RX GPZ1100
EX4 FX400R GPX250R2 GPX750 GPX750R (ZX750F)
ZX-10 ZX10 (88-90) ZX 11 ZL1000 ZRX1100 ZZ-R1100
ZX-7RR (96) ZXR750 ZXR750R ZX-9R B1-4 (94-97), ZL900
A1-A7F ZRX400 ZRX4002 ZRX1100 ZRX11002 ZRX1200R ( (01-07))
Vulcan 400 2 Vulcan Vulcan 800 Vulcan 800 Classic
1500 Vulcan VN1500 ZRX1200S B1-B4 (01-04)