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Muffler, Silencer, Exhaust | 1200 1100 GP design silencer CB1300SF bandit zephyr SV1000 XJR1200 GSX1300R falcon ZRX1100 X-4 Z1000 GSX-R1100 V-MAX GPZ1000 ZZR1200 CB1000SF zephyr 750SR FZ-1 ZRX1200 VTR1000F ZX-10 YZF1000R ZX-12R GPZ1100F

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Stainless steel Φ 60.5
Muffler Silencer


Performance: Muffler sounds good!

Volume satisfied with the baffle, exhaust, missing no problem.
Also in our set baffle so the baffle is mounted and baffles without and enjoy both sounds.

-Baffle is mounted: approximately 98 dB (replacing the models CB1300Super Four)
? No baffle: approx. 109 dB (replacing the models CB1300Super Four)

Please consider the helpful volume varies by vehicle emissions, exhaust pipe shape.
Also, please baffle installation is run on public roads.
Please understand that we will not accept disclaims any liability regarding volume, accident, etc..

Design | GP style in vogue right now

Silencer too short type, which is a small and simple design.
Materials we use idea stainless quantification, rust and strength.
Is made of stainless steel natural finish will be attached to the vehicle of any color.

SA b series | Popular short size

-Silencer dimensions: length 400 mm
300 Mm in the ( silencer cover,
-Silencer outer diameter: 87 mm
Thrusting and cum in mouth diameter :60.5mm
-Silencer in the structure: straight structure
-Perforated pipe: 42 mm
-Silencer end mouth diameter: 51 mm (baffle is mounted: 23 mm)
-Silencer hook mounting orientation: vertical mounting

Set contents: Set deals

Silencer. 1 Piece
Replacing the spring. 1 Set
Stainless steel silencer band. 1 Piece
Heat-resistant rubber band is also included.
* Instruction manual not attached.

Mounting method: Development knowledge and experience please work!

Becoming is a versatile product that is basically usually wearing ways the same as 60.5 mm exhaust pipe into us fixed in the top spring and band only. We basically control mounting in the bike shop recommends our. And advice on how to replace your answer matches Please note that we do not. When a damaged product, is installed on your own is outside the scope of the security at any time. Near you have no confidence in replacing those of the bike shop, please contact.

Compatible models: Merge 60.5 mm for

Because this product is generic products in variety of machining up to various models available.
Become a generic design for scarf outside.
Currently, 60.5 mm in diameter merge using silencer can be fitted is.

Compatible models examples


X-CBR600RR CB750 CB750 F CB750 FA CB750 FB CB750 FC CB900F CB900RR CBR954RRCBR1000RR VTR1000F CB1000Super Four CB1100F CB1300Super Four CB1300 Bol d’Or X4 11


YZF1000R FZR1000 FZS1000 XJR1200 XJR1300 FJR1300 VMAX FZ-1 feather MT-01



GSX750S KATANA SV1000 and GSX-R1000 GSX1100S KATANA GSX-R1100 GSF1200 Bandit1200 Bandit1200S Bandit1250 GSX 1300 R Hayabusa GSX1400Z

And to recommend!

* If the muffler exhaust line angle changes in plugin mouth near Yoshimura silencer on side of
Not recommended because the orientation of the muffler turn outward to the extreme.