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Motorcycle Chain | Chain | Black chain RGV250 gamma XL250 KDX250SR KLE400 TRX200SX FZR400 DRZ400SM CBX250RS GB250 GN400T Bandit VZ ZX-6RR XL230 WR125 CR125 XT250T SL230 Eliminator 250 V CR125R FX400R WR450F goose 350 XR250

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Black & chrome chain
520 – 120 l clip

Performance:Y-N chain more strength and

-Found the BN chain has dealt with up to now, even good quality chain since I started selling.
Should 1 rank on the manufacturer, a plate decoration with YB-and is enhanced as incomparable.
Among the trading company in the country of manufacture quality, surface treatment and strength rank 1 is a well-known story as on.
Were previously dealing with Y-N mounting easier than also for durability verification mounted, but did you check
Excellent reputations in the field.

Various chains of ever shine worldwide total production amount of the popular No. 1 manufacturer in the
At the height of the surface treatment and quality is especially famous in Europe.
I think with confidence because manufacturers chain is found from all over the world, from everyday use bike shop, where you can use.
Many people become repeat visitors, long favored.

The price of the easy mounting clip type chain.
* Products shipped is only what is pictured is will ship one package.

Design |Now it’s trendy black chain

Vehicle mounted recently thumped increasing black chain.
This coloring is a more popular black & chrome.
Compared to the stock type metal chains rust and the durability is also rising dramatically.

SA b series |-Displacement of large classes

520 – 120 l clip chain

Set contents:Chain & clip joint

Body chain… one
Clip joint: 1 pieces

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

This product is a clip type chain. Mounting clip is easy, but requires some maintenance knowledge. On your own installation work done, damage, defects will void the warranty and if so request recommended bike shop will be.

Working for non-bike shop (the shop mechanic), responsible for the failure, any warranty is so near you of please request this service from bike shops.

Compatible models:It is specially designed.

Please select the same size for compatible models currently confirming your chain size.


(87-02) CR125 CR125R (06) CRM125 (90-94) NS125F NS125R ITALIA NSR125F ITALIA’s (89-)
AX-1 NSR125RK (90) NSR150 (-02) (83-86) MTX200R TLM200R (85-87) TLR200 (83-87).
TRX200SX XL200R (82-) XL200RC XR200 (93-) XRX200R TLM220R (88-) FTR223 (01-)
SL230 (97-) XR230 (05) XL230 (02-) CB250F (04-) Nighthawk (92-) CB250RS-Z (80-84)
CBR250F (86-) CBX250RS (83-) CBR250R hurricane (87-) CD250U (87-) CM250TB
CMX250 CR250 (88-02) (05-06) CRF250R CRF250X (05-06) RS250 (95) CRM250R (89-96)
GB250 Clubman CRM250AR (97-99) Degree (XL250) (91-98) FTR250 JADE S.
HORNET 250 NSR250R SP (86-99) NX250 SilkRoad’s MVX250 NS250F/R (84-85)
RS250R (96-) RTL250S (-96) level 250TRX250R (86-89) super XR250 BAJA (95-04).
VTR250TRX250X (87-92) VT250F Magna 250 XL250R VT250Z VTZ250 TLR250R (86)
Service XR250 (88-94) XR250 XR250 Motard XL250S XLR250R XLX250R XR400
TLR260 XR350R CB400SS CL400 CBX400F XL400R
CRF450R CRF450X (05) XL500R XL500S XR500R Dominator 600 XL600R (83-87)
XR600 (88-90), SLR650 XR650 NX650 Dominator (88-90)


XV125 Virago (97-) WR125 (98-) YZ125 (88-05) DT200WR DT200R (85-87) WR200R (94, Japan).
R4-z (90-99) r’nessa (96-) SRV250 (84-87 92-95) RZ250R SR250 (79-84) XT250 (80).
XT250T (83-) SRX250 (84) TDR250 TT250R (93-) TT250 (87) TTR250 (00) TZ250 (84-02)
TY250Z Scottish YD250 YD250 TZR250 RS SP SPR WR250 (89-97) WR250Z (02).
WR250F XV250 Virago YZ250 (85-02 05) YZ250F Drag Star 250 (some) RZ350RR
FZ400 TT350 (86) YF350Z (97-) FZ400R (84-87) FZR400R (86-87) diversion 400.
XJ400Z ZE ZS WR400F (89-01) XJR400 S R R2 XT400 (82-) Artesia YZ400F (98-99)
(00-02) YZ426F WR426F (02) YZ450F (03-04), XT500E (86) WR450F (03-06) TT600 (83-92)
SRX600 (-87) diversion 600 (92-) TT600E (93-95), Xj600S/N (-02) XT600 T?n?r? TT600R (96-00)
XT660 T?n?r? (91-98) SZR660 (96-98) (04-06) XT660R XTZ750 Super tenere’s (90-)


KX125 (-02 05-06) KDX200R KDX200SR KDX220SR250TR BALIUS BALIUS-II
D Tracker GPX250R GPZ250R KR250 Eliminator 250 LX Eliminator 250 SE
ESTRELLA RS Custom KLE250 she KLR250 KLX250 SE R SR KR-1 KL250 KX250
KX250F Super Sherpa ZXR250 ZZ-R250 KLX300R FX400R GPX400R GPZ400F
ZZ-R400 (05-06) KX450F KX500 (97-) KLE500 GPZ500ZEPHYR550 KL600R ZX-6R
ZX-6RR (03-05) KLR650 KLZ650R SR Z750 (03-)


RM125 ( (92-99) 03-06) TS185 (79-84) WOLF 200 DF200E DR200SE (97) DR200 (86-91).
Vanvan 200 Jebel (96-02) RG200 Gemma DR250SH DR250R ACROSSs GF250S.
Jebel 250 XC GN250E GS250FW Glasto Tracker Big Boy Bandit VZ
Cobra GSX250E GSX250T GSX250L RG250 Gemma GSX250S KATANA Marauder 250
GSX250FX GSX-R250R RG250E Intruder 250 LC RH250 TS250 GSX-R250
RM250 RGV250 Gemma SP VT (88-99) (95-99 03-06) (06) RM-Z250 RMX250 S ST T
Goose250 WOLF 250 Volty SV400 DR350S SE Goose350 GN400E DRZ400SM
GN400T Desperado 400 Savage 400 GS400E (91-99) TL400 INAZUMA400 Tempter
RM-Z450 DR500D GS500 (97-) DR600S DR650SE (90-02) DR750S DR800S (90-00).