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Billet Lever set | Silver / Black; ZRX400 ZRXII ZXR400 ZXR400R ZZ-R400 ZZR400 Sanath Zephyr Zephyr 400 x Vulcan 400 ZX-6R ZZ-R600 ZZR600 ER-6N ER-6F ZR-7S ZR-7 Z750S Z750 ZR750J Zephyr 750 Zephyr 750 RS ZX-9R KLE250 she

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Billet levers set
Variable type silver / black


Compatible models:Suitable for a wide range of models

Please see the table below for compatible models.
Please check the size of the current car models subtly different lengths so.


KLE250 she A1/A1A (93)
ZXR250 ZXR250R A2/B2/C1-2/C4/D1 (90-92)
ZZ-R250 ZZ-R250 H1-4/H6-10 (90-93) 95-99)
ESTRELLA RS /C1A/C5A (95-01)
ESTRELLA RS limited edition G1 (2002)
BALIUS BALIUS II A1-6/B1-5/B1A (91-01)
EX4 B1/B2 (94-95)
KLE400 A1-4/A6 (91-94 / 99)
ZRX400 ZRXII E1-7/F1/F4-7(94-01)
ZXR400 H2/J2/L1-5/L4A/L9 (90-99)
M1-4 ZXR400R (91-98)
ZZ-R400 K1-3/N-1-7 (90-99)
Sanath D1/D3 (92 / 94)
ZEPHYR400 (89-96)
ZEPHYRχ = G1-G3A/G4 (96-98) / 00)
Vulcan 400 EN400 C1 (94)
ZX-6R F1/F2 (95-96)
ZZ-R600 E4/E5 (96-97)
Versys KLE650 (07-08)
ER-6n ER-6f ( (06-08))
ZR-7s ZR-7 F1/F3 (99-01)
Z750S Z750 ZR750J (04-06)

Performance:Universal type supports many models!

Compatible with many Kawasaki cars!
The can be used with stock master cylinder and clutch lever holder bolt on
By moving the lever to position 6 stage adjustable universal type!
Also versatile type adjustable length!
To defeat the auto body, damaged lever is recommended!
High grade billet levers should feel cheap!

Design |Cutting scars, the proof of the Custom vehicle!

Only the change lever tend to think “it’s only levers’, varies from around the impression.
Testimony of high quality products, unique billet levers surface pattern further enhances the Custom vehicle.

SA b series |Lever length

Brake lever length 198 mm-228 mm
Clutch lever length 175 mm to 205 mm
Lever curves for the only moderately helpful, see.

Set contents:Brake levers for Kawasaki

Kawasaki brake lever. 1 book
Kawasaki clutch lever. 1 book

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

* Please attach to the body, then tighten bolts for each part for dropout prevention.

Mounting models so many of its models.
If damaged goods are currently your lever fixing bolts, and remove the lever replacement, so work is basically simple, but installed in personal use and will void the warranty.
Near you are not confident in installing the bike shop, please contact.