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Lever | 200 250 400 1200 400 brake lever silver GSX250S sword glass trucker van van bandit ボルティー GSX400S sword GS400E GSX-R400R RF400 RF400RV SV400 lightning GSX-R600 SV650 SV1000 GSX-R1000 GSX1100S sword lightning impulse GSX1300R falcon GSX1400

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New Suzuki brake lever
Performance -Universal type supports many models!
Is a new brake levers, in the brake lever of the previous model vehicles, can be worn bolt on hydraulic brake car SUZUKI car and fit, adjustable 5 position dial with many!
To defeat the auto body, damaged lever is recommended!
Enjoy the latest sensation to cheap!
Design -In positive form looks just like net zero discomfort!
Depends on impressions from the surrounding, beautiful to lever is “mere lever, you may only.
You can wear without feeling uncomfortable because the new lever net positive shape is a dead ringer.
Liver color is secretly shine with polished silver color!
Size -Brake lever approx. 220 mm
* Lever curves for the below value for reference please see.
Brake lever approx. 220 mm
Set contents -Brake levers for Suzuki
New brake levers for Suzuki. 1 book
How to mount -Do people developing knowledge of work!
Near you are not confident in the mounting will void the warranty if the goods were damaged, and installed by Customer himself will be mounting depending on models available in many models, so now your lever fixed bolts, and remove the lever replaced working basically easy for please ask to the bike shop.
Compatible models -Suitable for a wide range of models
Please please see the table below for compatible models.
Suggest replacing the model examples
Models cannot be installed by the year.
RG125 Gemma γ-WOLF 125 RG200 Gemma γ-WOLFe 200 GSX250S KATANA
RGV250 Gemma Gemma ACROSS Intruder LC 250 WOLF Goose250 250
Grass Tracker (00 ~) big BOI (00 ~) Bandit250 Bandit250V
Volty (96-00) Goose350 GSX40S KATANA GS400E (91-94) GSX-R400R
RF400RV SV400S (99-00) INAZUMA400 GSX 400 Impulse(94-99) des pettanko lard 400
Bandit400 Bandit400V GSX-R600 SV650 X/SX (99) GSF750 (96).
GSX-R750 (91-98) des pettanko lard 800 RF900RR TL1000S TL1000R
GSX-R1000 (01-02) GSX1100S KATANA GSX-R1100 W (93) GS1200SS GSF1200
INAZUMA1200 GSX 1300 R Hayabusa (99-) GSX1400 (01-05) SX1400 K1 (93).
Intruder 1500 W/X (98-99)