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Engine Slider | Engine rider blue ZRX400 ZR400E ZRXII ZR400E ZRX400 BC-ZR400E ZRXII BC-ZR400E slider frame guard frame sliders

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Engine rider
Black & blue

Performance:Reduce the damage when tipping the coup!

Minimize vehicle damage during accidents, such as falls in product is.
As well as crank case covers that attach to the frame more vulnerable to tipping over when the
You can soften the damage, such as the engine cooling fins cowl frame.
The difference between the cost of repairs and if not worn parts falling off the first time the blessing you are
Becomes a considerable amount of cases.
It is reassurance of the repair bill or that a valid Custom parts.

* It is intended to prevent installing near the cowl due to the mild fall and frame damage as much as possible the slider. Please note that is not fully protected.

Design |Anodized finish!

Unlike the insipid traditional aluminum and plastic only slider, will their presence as an accent in one point.
It is machined aluminum, cutting scars are beautiful high-quality products.

Set contents:Each one set left and right

Slider. 1 each side
Mounting bolts. 2 pieces
Mounting nuts. 2 pieces

If you have such small scratch seems to be during production, transportation, etc., to stick.

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

Basic bolt on can be mounted is not confident in installing your local’s please ask to the bike shop.
If the damaged item is installed on your own will void the warranty.

* Taking a mounting for the once opened and we are. Please note that.

Compatible models:ZRX400


ZRX400 all yera’s type