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Rear Box | Tail box Theroux 250 lead EX VIC star 150 jog monkey Grand AXIS100 Gorilla Dio110 BW 'the V125 of 225 addresses in 50 leads Let's S125 4 Majesty Forza BW' S110 TW200 ape 100 FTR250 cub 110 ape CD125

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29L rear BOX with key
Easy enters the full face amount.

Compatible modelsFor many of its models!

Is a structure to support the multi tip to Liya box mounting pedestal, so most car models.
Vehicle mounted to basically carry Lia carrier mounting is possible.
* For the following vehicles as a reference listed we have gotten.
Ape 50 100 Zoomer XR50 100 Monkey Joker 50 90 Gorilla Gyro X UP Spacy 100 125
Lead 50 90 100 Foresight FORZA Z X Fusion SE X PS250 HELIX FTR223 Spada
CB-VRX400 Bros 1 GB250 Clubman JADE VTR250 CB250T CB400T HORNET
CB400SS CL400 CB400Super Four CB400F CB750 HORNET600 900 CB1300Super Four CB1000Super Four X 11 X4
250 level Magna 750 Steed 400 600 Shadow 400 Shadow Slasher 750 Valkyrie

BW ‘ S50 100 BJ JOG JOG ZR Aprio GEAR C Vino Grand Axis 100 Cygnus X
Majesty 125 FI Majesty 250C Maxam Grand Majesty 250 400-TMAX
BRONCO SRV250S r’nessa Tricker SR400 SR500 TW200 225 Serow 225W Serow 250 250 Lanza
SDR200 Zeile GX250 400 XS250 400 RZ250 350 RZ250RR350RR R1-Z SRX400 600 XJ400D
XJ400ZS XJR400R XJ750D FZX750 XS650SPL TX650 XJR1200 XJR1300 VMAX
XV125 Virago 250 Drag Star 250 400 Drag Star 1100 Classic 400 1100
Royal Roadster XV 1600A Wild Star

Street Magic GS50 Lets Address V125 Marauder 125 250 250 Intruder LC 250SB
Avenue 150 RMX250 DR250 Volty Glasto Tracker Big Boy Vanvan 75 90 200
Tempting ST250E Sky Wave Type SS Bandit250 400 1200 GSX250E GSX250T
GSX250L GSX250FX goose GSX400E GSX400T GSX400L GSX 400 Impulse Type S
Desperado Boulevard winder Intruder 1500 LC 800 400 Classic

KSR50 80 110 Eliminator 125 ESTRELLA RS Custom D Tracker KLX250 KDX220SR
Eliminator 250 V Eliminator 250 LX SE 250TR Eliminator 400LX SE Eliminator 750
ZRX1100 ZRX1200R Vulcan 400 800 1500 Vulcan 400 Classic 800 1500
400 Vulcan 800 Drifter 1500 Vulcan minced leak 1500

PerformanceNot too big not too small, good size!

It is good usability can be stored without problems up to 1 if you are a typical full face size.
Also put the helmet still spaces so leave your towels and accessories perfect for (o ^-‘) b
Keep of course, detachable rear boxes in luggage, together carrying is possible.
And yet, without using a key to lock in
Not touch third-party features removable when you locked the lid of the BOX, of course,
Do not worry about theft in parking spaces, etc.

DesignNow, mainstream design & art texture of the real thing!

It is a popular design.
I think the rear box and tend to be a bargain BOX in the difference between a sturdy material and making satisfaction.
Because of structure was sickly and not skimp details, you can use.

SizeIt’s just good size

Overall length: 410 mm
Width = 410 mm
Height: 300 mm
Volume: 29L
Weight: 2.8 kg

The measurement value is. Please note that some errors.

Set contents1 set rear box

Mounting bracket. 1 set
BOX body. 1 set
Mounting bolts. 1 set
The key… 1 set (with spare)

How to mountDevelopment knowledge and experience working please done!

The mounting, doing so requires some maintenance knowledge development knowledge and experience. Basically currently installed base bracket to your rear carrier (aim rather than a design career and put the luggage carrier) and a fit body so only becomes a relatively easy task, on your own installation work done, damage, defects near you if you will be outside the scope of the guarantee, so not confident to mounting of bike shops, please contact.