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Mirror | It is paste 125 125 4 mirror right and left set zoom lens JOG jog Spey sea axis treat PCX lead live broadcasting Dio アプリオマジェスティー axis today address V125 let's II let's palette sepia ZZ gear C Velde for mopeds slightly

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Moped scooter mirrors set


Details: Type color size set contents

Moped scooter mirrors

Adopt a black

Screw the M8 positive screw

Left 1 set (2 pieces)

* As well as genuine mirror convex adopted.

Notes: Always please check.

Due to safety regulations, cannot be attached to vehicles manufactured in the 1/1 0/2007 (2007).

We posted the model name in the product title and compatible models, but if you encounter any problems attached to vehicles produced in the 1/1 0/2007 (2007), we disclaim responsibility. Please note that.

Requirements: For mounting bolt

YAMAHA car 10 mm if → 10 mm 10 mm and converting regular screw adapter → 10 mm 10 mm conversion reverse threaded adapter required
If the YAMAHA drive 8 mm → 10 mm 8 mm and converting regular screw adapter → 10 mm 8 mm transformation reverse threaded adapter required

Other vehicle manufacturers
8 mm-10 mm 8 mm age conversion plus adapter is required
* YAMAHA car other vehicles also use the reverse threaded. Please check ago ordering.

Even if there is interference with the brake master please respond with adapter, etc..

Please purchase us order screen if necessary.
* Not received order from the request section.

Mounting method: Development knowledge and experience should work!

So now your mirror and replacement is an easy task. Near you if you tighten the nuts is a basic task, simply loosen the in personal use and the goods were damaged will void your warranty, so not confident in the mounting of bike shops, please contact.

Compatible models: Suitable for a wide range of models

Because generic products are available on many of its models. Even models of bolt body-side mounting says 8 mm, and 10 mm.
Please once again, bolt says confirmation before placing an order.

Suggest replacing the model examples


Ape 50 Zoomer Live Dio ZX XR50 Motard Monkey Gorilla Little Cub Bite Giorno
Giorno Crea Crea Scoopy Bites Magna 50 Lead 50 shary CF50 CL50 Solo
DAX50-DAX50 ST50 ST70 JAZZ Gyro X Gyro Up three wheels
Broad 50 Cubina Broad 90 Lead 90 Ape100 Lead 100 XR100 Motard
Spacy 100 Spacy 125 PS250 Foresight SE FORZA Z Forza X
Fusion SE Fusion X HELIX Sliver Wing 400 Sliver Wing 600
FTR223 FTR250 SL230 XL230 CL400 CB400SS level GB250 Clubman
JADE HORNET Bros CB400Super Four CB750 CB1000Super Four CB1300Super Four


KSR50 KSR80 KSR-II KSR110 Eliminator 125 Z200 ESTRELLA RS Custom D Tracker
250TR Epsilon 250 KLX250 BALIUS BALIUS-II Z250FT Z250LTZEPHYR400


Street Magic colada 50S GS50 Vanvan 75 Vanvan 90 Vanvan 200 GSX250FX
Volty 250 SB Glasto Tracker Big Boy ST250E tempting Bandit250
Bandit400 GSX 400 Impulse INAZUMA400 Sky Wave 250 Sky Wave 400 Type S (non-SS)

* Cannot be attached to vehicles because of safety regulations, was made in 1/1 0/2007 (2007).

* Regarding the vehicle 1/1/2007 is installed on all of the above models, the law revision mounting illegal and.