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Head Light | 5.5 inch beats light long black 250 TR shadow 750 Virago 250S DS1100 Estrela drag star 400 Suzuki 400 ST250 DragStar 250 Magna 250 Vulcan 900 custom FTR223 Desperado 400X intruder LC250 shadow 400

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5.5 inch bats light long
Multi reflector black

Performance:Brightness is different!

So equipped with high-performance beats head lights multi reflector Type bulb H4 60 / 55 W
Effectively diffused light, illuminates the front.
H4, so, of course, high, and is switchable low.

Also, in the fog lights left and right are used in parts of the American, etc.
With a coupler for convenient mounting, as possible (wire processing is needed) is.
In normal condition’s H4 specification vehicle if (if you leave the coupler),
Basically, if equipped with Bert Stat is OK with replacement.

Design |5.5 intimecchberts awaited!

In the headlights has increased recently, seated vehicle
When installed in the vehicle that crossed the triple tree and long-length, etc. FTR223 Tracker vehicle
Is the overall balance beats light.
It is perfect for those who seem to be bad enough at 4.5 inches, lack of power, balance and beats light.
Deliver Custom at one point in the visor with normal headlights with a difference!
I think the essential American and Tracker items.
Latest models still in multi-reflector lenses!

SA b series |Light diameter 150 mm

Light diameter 150 mm
Become a depth of 200 mm.

Set contents:5.5 inch head lights multi

5.5 inch head lights multi… 1 piece
Bulb H4 60 / 55 W… 1 piece
* Does not come with Bert light stat.

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

Beats light and of course is that this product is mounted, beats light stat separately requires. If wiring is not body-side Coupler, machine is installed and will be. Wiring white blue, low beam high beam, green earth would. Near you will void the warranty if the goods were damaged, and installed in the Customer’s identity will be basically a simple task is currently replacing your headlights, so not confident in the mounting of bike shops, please contact.

Compatible models:Suitable for a wide range of models

For compatible models please order on the reference table below.


Ape 50 Ape 100 Monkey Gorilla Zoomer Magna 50 CL50 CD50 Benly 50 Solo
Shary CF50 DAX50 DAX50 ST50 CD90 Benly 90 CD125 T FTR223 GB250 Clubman
FTR250 CB400SS CL400 VRX Roadster GB400TT HELIX to Helix PS250
Fusion X Fusion SE rest V-TWIN MAGNA 250 Magna 250S Steed 400
Honda: Steed 600 Shadow 400 Shadow 750 Shadow Slasher 750 400 Shadow Slasher


YB-1 YB50 TW200 TW225 BRONCO r’nessa SR400 SR500 Serow 225W Serow 250 250
Rv250 XV125 Virago XV250 Virago XV 400 Virago Drag Star 250 Drag Star 400
Drag Star 1100 Drag Star Classic 400 Drag Star Classic 1100
Royal Star Roadster XV 1600A Wild Star DS250 DS400 DS1100 DSC400 DSC1100


Eliminator 125 Eliminator 250 Vulcan 400II
Vulcan 400 Classic Vulcan 800 Classic Vulcan 1500 Classic


Vanvan 200 Grass Tracker Grass Tracker Big Boy Volty tempting.
ST250 ST250E Marauder 125 Marauder 250 Intruder LC 250 Savage
Intruder Classic Desperado 400X death pettanko lard X winder Boulevard 400
Intruder 1500 LC