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Billet Lever set | R-type Black / Gold; for Steed 400 RVF400 CBR600F VT250SP VT250F CB400SS CB400SF Steed 600 Hornet 900 CBR400R MVX250D CBR250RR Magna 250 CB400SB VRX400 CB400FOUR JADE Bros 400 PC800 service VFR400R CB750

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Billet levers set
Regular type black & gold

Performance:Many of its models for universal type

Compatible with HONDAs.
The can be used with stock master cylinder and clutch lever holder bolt on
By moving the lever position 6 stage adjustable.
Recommended to defeat the body the liver has been damaged.
High grade billet levers should feel cheap.

Design |The elegant design, the proof of the Custom vehicle

Only the change lever tend to think “it’s only levers’, varies from around the impression.
Testimony of high quality products, unique billet levers surface pattern further enhances the Custom vehicle.
Liver color is a popular black & gold color

* Decorated precision machining the billet levers. The proof is seen slight cutting scars on the surface. Please note that the cutting marks differ by products.

SA b series |Lever length

Brake lever length 227 mm
Clutch lever length 195 mm

* Lever curves for the only moderately helpful, see.

Set contents:Brake levers for Honda

Brake lever for Honda. 1 book
Clutch lever for Honda. 1 book

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

Mounting models so many of its models.
Now disconnect your lever bolts, and lever replacement
If damaged goods are basically easy, but installed in personal use and will void the warranty. Near you are not confident in installing the bike shop, please contact.

* Please attach to the body, then tighten bolts for each part for dropout prevention.

* Working for non-bike shop (the shop mechanic), caused will void the warranty under any circumstances is responsible for the failure, so near you of please ask to the bike shop.

Compatible models:Suitable for a wide range of models

Please see below for compatible models. * Unlike the master cylinder lever shApe is same as used by model year, pull enough but it may not be. Can operate fully without disturbing the running before after mounting, sure. Please check the size of the current car models subtly different lengths so.


AX-1 (MD21) VT250F (MC15) GB250 Clubman (MC10-1100008 ~) * non-early type
(MC17/MC19) CBR250R CBR250RR NSR250R (MC16 MC18 MC21 MC28) MVX250F / D (83)
VT250F /SP Edition (86-88), VTZ250 (MC15) VTR250 (MC33) JADE (MC23)
Spada (MC20) service ( MC25) HORNET 250 (MC31) Magna 250 (MC29) VFR400R
RVF400 CBR400R ( NC23 ) CBR400RR CB1 (NC27) CB400Four (NC36) CB400Super Four (NC31)
CL400 (NC38) CB400SS (NC41) CBR400F (NC17) VRX400 (NC33) BROS400 (NC25)
CB400Super Four VTEC (NC42/NC39-1030001 ~ * see below) Shadow Slasher 400 (NC40)
Shadow 400 (NC34) Steed 400 (NC26) Steed 600 (PC21) HORNET600 (PC34)
CBR600F PC25 PC35 (1000001-1199999) CB750 (RC42, wire type clutch *) CBR750R’s (RC27) Shadow 750 (RC44) Magna 750 (RC43) PC800 Pacific Coast
CBR900RR fireblade (SC33) HORNET 900 (SC48)

X 11 * CB400Super Four VTEC (model NC39, NC42ABS car) the CBR 1100XX 3 for models
Please note the different shApe of the master piston presses the shApe is similar.
* Please note there wire clutches for vehicles and vehicle hydraulic clutch to the CB750 .