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Regulator | VTR1000F SC36 VTR1000F RC34 CBR600F PC35 VFR400R NC30 CB400SF NC39 CB400SF CB400FOUR NC36 NC31 CBR400RR NC29 Magna 250 MC29 CBR250RR MC22 NSR250R MC21 NSR250R MC28 VTR250 MC33 Hornet 250 MC31 jade MC23

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Regulator for HONDA
Heat protection products from measures before
More genuine peace of mind!

Suitable for a wide range of models |Suitable for a wide range of models

Please see the table below for compatible models.

Please see table below for helpful response models.
So are some of the compatible models currently confirm regulate use shApes, such as
It is can be fitted if ones of the same shApe is used.
Vehicles that are used against previous regulator (no heat fins model) are also bolt on.

* Please confirm the shApe of the regulator is a listed vehicle, but different mounting parts before your bid must currently use, such as.


VTR1000F Fire Storm (SC36 1000001-) PC800 (RC34 1000001-)
CBR600F (PC25 1000001-)
CBR600F 8PC35 1000001-1199999) (CBR600F4i non-compliant)
VFR400R (NC30 1000001-1014269)
CB400Super Four (NC39 1000001-)
CB400Super Four (NC31 1000001-)
CB400Four (NC36 1000001-)
CBR400RR (NC29 1000001-)
CB1 (NC27 1000001-)
Magna 250 (NC27 1000001-)
Nighthawk Nighthawk 250 (MC26 1000001-)
CBR250RR (MC22 1000001-)
NSR250R (MC21 1060001-1075471)
NSR250R (MC28 1000001-)
VTR250 (MC33 1000001-129999)
Spada (MC20 1000012-)
Service 250 (MC25 1000001-)
HORNET 250 (MC31-100001-)
JADE (MC23 1000001-)
Varadero125 Varadero 125
Spacy 125 (JF 04 – 1000001-1399999)

Performance:Brand new regulator!

It is of type in the brand new Honda genuine type regulator genuine parts number (products) 31600-MV4-010 compatible (non-genuine & aftermarket parts), with fins.

Set contents:Regulator only

Regulator. One
* Manual and mounting bolts not included. Please note that.

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

Near you will void the warranty if the goods were damaged, and installed in the Customer’s identity is now replaced with your regulator, so work is basically simple, but so not confident in the mounting of bike shops, please contact.