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Brake Lever | Yamaha type; TW200, YZ250, XT250, SR250, AG200, YZ125, TT-R125, TY250R

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SR400/TW brake lever
(For the front drum brake)

Performance: Can be fitted to many models for YAMAHA vehicles

TW200/225 can be replaced with genuine lever bolt-on, etc. is for Lever Set.
Is a pure shape, so without feeling uncomfortable wearing and driving.
If you defeat the body the liver has been damaged could become not self-propelled.
Cheap of listings, so having such as spare when it comes that trouble when you need.
By years of use lever is scratched, travelers have sorely in the dirt is by all means recommended.
Come and get into this opportunity, enjoy the sense of brand new low cost.
Of course SR, TW is can be attached to a wide range of models.

Design | Pure shape uncomfortable pear.

, Vary from around the impression might think “mere levers, lever change.
Net positive shape are exactly alike, so you can wear without feeling uncomfortable.
Liver color is shining secretly in polished silver colour.
Notice what the lever body located at the top, so try, won’t be disappointed.

SA b series | Brake lever approx. 180 mm

Brake lever approx. 180 mm

* Lever curves for the values for reference please see.

Set contents: Drum brake lever

Brake lever. 1 Book

Please rest assured is if compared to the photos are labeled for different packages of the product name but the same identical product.

Mounting method: Development knowledge and experience please work!

Because currently your lever fixing bolts, and remove the lever replacement work is basically simple, but if the goods were damaged, and installed in the Customer’s identity and void the warranty. Working for non-bike shop (the shop mechanic), responsible for the failure, any warranty is so near you of please request this service from bike shops.

Compatible models: Suitable for a wide range of models

Please see below for compatible models.
* Please make sure it can be installed correct after you put it.
* May differ in size depending on the model. Before ordering, once again, currently using lever size check.


TT-R125LW ‘ 00-‘ 01 YZ125 ‘ 83-‘ 84 AG200 ‘ 85 TW200 (drums) ‘ 91-‘ 99 SR250
TY250R ‘ 84-‘ 86 XT250 YZ250 ‘ 83-‘ 84 (drums)