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Motorcycle Chain | Gold chain hard Type A100 CB125J TW125 emilinator 125 RD125 CT110 tricker CT200 CB125JJX DT 125 LC1 FZX250 MTX125R TDR125R KDX125SR DT180 GS125E NX125 VT250 SRX250 CB125T TW225 XL125 CBX125F

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Seal chain 428 – 150 l


Performance:Y-N chain more strength and!

-BN chain until now that we have covered
I found more good quality chain started selling. Should 1 rank on the manufacturer!
Plate decoration with YB-and is enhanced much like yours.
Among the trading company in the country of manufacture is a well-known story as on strength and surface treatment quality class 1 rank.
Y was dealing with ago-but is easier to install than N in the same product durability verification for the checked reputations in the local course was better.
Think safe because it usually uses the bike shop, where you can use!

I want a gold seal chain, received numerous requests from Customers while
Seal type had been developed, gold chain finally sale decision!
Shining in various chain until now popular all over the world total production amount of No.1 maker!
Handling is a trading company while still at the height of the surface treatment and quality in Europa most famous manufacturers.
I think that anyone safe because manufacturers of chain is found from all over the world.
Often all repeaters are already handling chain, long favored.
Think safe because it usually uses the bike shop, where you can use!
We are equipped with seals in order for it to have a durable addition to the sealed grease moving parts.
I can feel the difference if it uses this product in high quality, durability, and.

Ranging from small-displacement in displacement.
The price of crimp type sealed chain.
At Drag Star 250, SR400, TW is the size of the fit.
Lonnie TW, etc. to take your good news! Link 150 long!
* Products shipped is only what is pictured is will ship one package.

Design |From simple and usable.

A typical chain and it looks identical
Equipped with the seal of the order for it to have the durability to a sealed grease moving parts!

SA b series |-Displacement of the medium class

428 – 150 l fastener chain
Compatible with currently less than 150 L is use the chain link number.

Set contents:Chain set

Body chain… one set
Caulking joints: 1 set

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

Near you are not confident in the mounting will void the warranty if the goods were damaged, and installed in the Customer’s identity is currently replacing your chain, so will be working basically easy for please ask to the bike shop.

This product is a crimp type chain. The mounting requires some maintenance knowledge.
Request recommended shops etc in the will.

Compatible models:Suitable for a wide range of models

So if the links are not enough according to the model in relation to sprockets,
Before ordering, please check the car chain size, number of links.


MD90 C100EX (88-) XR100 (85-98) CT110/G/H/K HUNTER Cub (86-)
CT110 (-83), CB125J CB125JJX (80 / 81) CB125T (82-) CBX125F (83-)
CM125T (81) CB125T/TA/TB/TZ (78-81), CD125 T CT125
MTX125R (85) NX125 (91-) TL125 (83-) XL125 (88), XLR125R (125)
CT200 Spada (VT250) (88-) XLR250/BAJA (87-)


RZ50 (98-04) TDR50 (88-) TZ50 (93-) TZR50 (90-94) TZR50R (93-)
V50T/N (90-97) V50T/N (00-02) TDR80, (88-) V80N/T (90-96) YZ80 (-93).
YZ80 (94-97) (98-01) YZ80 YZ80 large wheels(94-01) YZ85 (02-05).
YZ85 large wheel (02-05) T90N V90T (90-93), AG100F DT125LC1 (84-87)
DT125R (88-91) DT125R (91-00) RD125 (85), DT125LC2/3 (85-88)
RZ125 (82-89) SR125 (81 / 82) SR125T (-95) TDR125 belgarde (89-92).
TDR125R TTR125 (00) (98-01) TW125 XT125 (82-87) TZR125 (87-90).
YTR125 TZR125R/RR (91-98) YB125 DT180 SDR200 (87-) (87) DT200 DT200R (88-90).
XT200 (82-) TW200 (87-01) TW225 (02-04) BRONCO (97 / 98) in 225 (85-05).
Lanza (97-00) FZR250R/RR / (86-) FZ250 feather (85-) FZX250
SRX250 (90-) TT250R TT250R Reid (4YG3.5)(93-) RAID (4WA1) (97-)
Zeile 250 (91-) DS250 Serow 250 Drag Star 250 (05 / 06) Tricker (XG250)
XT350 SR400 (88-05) FZR400R (88 / 89), FZR400RR/SP (90-)
SRX400 (85-) SR500 (88-) SRX600 (88-)


AR125/S (83-) KE125 (82-) Eliminator 125 KDX125SR (90-99) KMX200 (87-)
Vulcan Classic (96-05) (95-98) Vulcan Vulcan Drifter’s (99-)


RC50 birdie 80 DX birdie 80 (88) SC DS80 RM80 LS/LT/LW (95-97).
FB80 LT80 T80 (81) RG80 RM80 (89-97) T80 (81) K90 RV90 (73-77).
A100 FB100 DF125E (98-00) DR125S (82-) FU125 GN125E (94, Japan)
GS125E (82-) K125 Marauder 125 (98-00) RA125 (84-) RG125E (80)
RG125T RG125T (85-) SP125E SX125R (85-) TF125E
TR125GE/VD TR125SG/SGZ TS125 (80 / 81) TS125R (89-99) TS125X (84-91).
WOLF125 (91-)