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Tail Light | 50 400 50 600 225 400 125 400 750 Oval tail TW200 byte CT110 SRV250 Daks Steed モンキーマグナ Steed cello W650 shadow Usu rusher D trucker drug star shadow 250SB Bronn Koto Riccar solo TW225 challis

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Oval tail lamp Red


Performance: Generic parts replacing the models, regardless!

Generic parts, so depending on the ideas variety can be attached to!
Holes in the fender drilling Please note that may require cutting and otherwise stays.
Valve is 12 V/18 and use 5 W / W, of course lit, numbering lamps and stop lamps.

Design | A simple oval type!

Design is a simple oval types. In the ミニキャッツアイ type made the cat’s-eye tail lamps fashioned a little compact
It is design to match any Street, American, Tracker and models.
Decorated lens cut to the heart, so will effectively diffuses the light.

SA b series | Clear lens height 40 mm, width 95 mm size

Maximum height approx. 50 mm
Next to maximum 50 mm
Put the socket of the depth and is about 50 mm.
Wiring length is 3 books with approximately 270 mm, mounting the breadth.
Please see the second picture as the screw pitch
Become increasingly numbered the mounting bolt pitch approximately 45 mm, tail light unit mounting bolt pitch about 50 mm.

Set contents: Valves with tail lights

Oval tail lights. 1 piece
Valve 12 V18W/5 W. One piece (already installed)

If you have such small scratch seems to be during production, transportation, etc., to stick.

Mounting method: Development knowledge and experience working please done!

Generic products, so when’s mounting holes in the fender drilling machining is required or if you need additional stays there. Wiring a steady yellow the red stop lamp, black is ground. For generic products, contact with another vehicle cannot please let me respond. Please note that. Nearby was damaged goods, and install on your own if you will void your warranty, so no confidence in you for please ask to the bike shop. Models listed below are one example. Please use at Watts suitable for vehicle mounting valve.

Compatible models: Suitable for a wide range of models

For compatible models please order on the reference table below.
Even in vehicles are listed. 6 V and 12 V depending on model and specification changes. Before ordering, please check voltage.


Ape 50 Ape 100 Monkey Gorilla Zoomer Magna 50 Solo DAX50 XR50 Motard
CRF150R CR125R XR100 Motard CRM250 CRM250RFTR223 XR230 Motard FTR250 CRM250AR
XLR250 XR BAJA CR250R CRF250X XR250 XR250 Motard GB250 Clubman XR400 XR400 Motard
CB400SS CL400 GB400TT CRF450R CRF450X XR650R
Fusion X Fusion SE PS250 rest V-TWIN MAGNA 250S Steed 400 Steed 600
Shadow 400 Shadow 750 Shadow Slasher 750 400 Shadow Slasher


YB-1 RZ50 TTR125 and YZ125 DT200WR BRONCO TW200 TW225 Lanza
Serow 225W TT250R Reid r’nessa SRV250S WR250 Serow 250 250Tricker WR250F
YZ250 YZ250F SR400 WR400F YZ450F SR500 VMAX
XV125 Virago XV250 Virago Drag Star 250 Drag Star 400 Drag Star Classic 400
XV 400 Virago Virago 750 Drag Star 1100 Drag Star Classic 1100


Vanvan RM85 RM125 RM250 200 Jebel 200 Volty Glasto Tracker Big Boy
Tempting 250 SB ST250 RMZ250 RMX250S Jebel 250 XC RMZ450 DRZ400 DRZ400SM
Savage Marauder 250 Desperado Desperado 400 400X
Boulevard 400 Intruder Intruder Classic


KDX125SR KSR110 KLX 110 Eliminator 125 KDX200R KDX200SR
KDX220R KDX220SR KDX250R KDX250SR KX250F D Tracker KLX250ES KLX250SR
Vulcan 400 Vulcan 400II Vulcan 400 Classic