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Tire | Before and after IRC RX-02 set 110/80-17TL 130/80-17TL ゼルビス CB500S GSX-400X impulse

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IRC RX-02 front tire
110/80-17 tubeless

Performance: The version of Rx-01, new!

Supported by many riders as the Almighty sports bias [RX-01]. The basic concept is born [RX-02] intact plus a new technical approach in the ‘ user looking at the ease of use “is POV. Wet performance 10%, rear tyre wear resistance performance 20% up compared to Rx-01.

Structure: Regardless of the vehicle and use a matching

Regardless of vehicle, use cross-sectional shape matching, round shape of the IRC RX series tradition. Reception is neutral handling, rear design put the emphasis on stability and is. In order to achieve further performance up while maintaining a thick nylon carcass, optimal tuning of various locations.

Pattern: Grip performance

And awareness of the latest trends while timeless calm pattern design. From the center of shoulders and stand up to linear pattern alignment, as well as neutral handling, both dry and wet grip performance is also improved. At the same time, wear is balanced in the higher dimensions.

Compound | The latest compounding technology

New design latest compounding technology. From sports ride touring until further well as easy to use, at the same time improved wet grip and abrasion resistance performance.

Shipping: Back and forth with shipping available!

Included are ships, regardless of tire sizes up to 2.
Tire and tube rimband except products and shipping.
* Please confirm vehicle tire size before your bid.
Your bid after the cancellation by the size difference cannot be accepted.

SA b series | Frequently used size

Front 110/80-17 m/c 57H TL

Set contents: Front tire

Front tires. 1 book

Mounting method: Work is advanced level ^ o ^ / expertise is required.

The mounting will require some special tools and expertise. Near the bike shops etc, please contact. If damaged product is installed in the Customer’s identity will void the warranty.

Compatible models: Naked bike!

Following models would be helpful. Before your bid please be sure current tire size.


BROS400 (88-89)
CB500/S (export specification)
CBR600F (87-89)
Bros 650 (88-89)
NTV650 (export specification)
CBR750 Super Aero


Diversion 400
XJ600 diversion
Diversion 600
SRX400 (88-89)




GSX400X Impulse
GSX-r (86)
GSX600F (export model) 88-97