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Seat | ZRX400/ZRXII for dimple Type seat epidermis black ZRX400 ZR400E ZRX400 BC-ZR400E ZRXII ZR400E ZRXII BC-ZR400E for repair replacement for custom for

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Dimple Type seat

For more information:Content type color set

Seat Reser (epidermis)
Adopt a dimple Type
Seat Reser (the epidermis). 1 piece
Tandem belt. 1 piece
Belt mounting brackets. 2 pieces

* Tandem belt is included as a bonus.
* Needs and tasks such as sharpening, and overseas parts, so individual differences can occur.
* Please use genuine parts is mounting hardware.
* Formatted as anko pulling out processing in seat base if not upholstered seat Reser from replacement is recommended.

* Installation and operating instructions are not included.
* With imported products, manufacturing processes and may have damaged during transportation, etc..

Notes:Please make sure your check.

A relatively simple task but if accident occurred and installed on your own, but items that are damaged in any form voids the warranty of our products.

Working for non-bike shop (the shop mechanic), responsible for the failure, any warranty is so near you of please request this service from bike shops.

Also, we contact about replacing the answer in our guaranteed. If you have any questions, please of please consult to the bike shop.

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done.

-Remove your used sheets.
-Glue leather from the seat base.
? Leather sent to you crawl to the seat base.
-Fix in en tools ( Tucker ) stretched to do wrinkle.
-Check no slack to Tucker.
-Fitted sheet on the body, work is completed and checked for operation.

Compatible models:For the following models


ZRX400 ( ZR400E )
ZRX400 ( BC-ZR400E )
ZRXII ( ZR400E )