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Fairing | New bikini cowl ZRX400 ZRX1100 ZRX1200R for Aero Type hectolitecaul headlight cowl front cowl appercawl

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Neo bikinicawl
For ZRX400/ZRX1100/ZRX1200R


Performance:Reduce wind resistance by Aero Type!

Is a featured transform into stylish vehicle products. Feel both a stylish appearance protrudes out the front and Aero effects. Normal shape we are finished without a good design.

Design |A stylish aerodynamic design

A stylish aerodynamic design will let me turn viewers! To match the body color is sometimes wearing a painted cowl can be painted in two-tone embarrassing feelings not without you. We have gotten to listing in by far the most affordable price.

Set contents:Cowl body

Bikini cowl white gel. 1 piece

* Mounting instructions are not included.

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

Painted before fitting work to go as usual. Match answer questions about replacing the vehicle near you because we cannot not confident in replacing of please contact bike shops. When installed and Customers are confident in the trouble product damage, accident etc is covered in any form.

Compatible models:ZRX1100 ZRX1200R en

Because this product is generic products in variety of machining up to various models available.


ZRX400 ‘ 05-ZR 400E-051001 ~
ZRX1200R (~ ‘ 08)