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Head Light | Headlight | Crystal headlight; For XJR1200R

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Multi reflector head lights

Performance |Multi-reflector light efficiently spreading

Models of square type headlights, XJR1200R fit, multi reflector head lights.
Now 2-wheel, 4-wheel any mainstream multi reflector head lights. Valve is H4 bulb.

We are using a high-durability, we can prevent even heat the lens yellowed glass.
Galas reins so HID mounting also very suitable for I.
Also, unlike the plastic lens, is resistant to scratching by stones while driving a car wash when polishing scratches.

* Many things pass inspection so far
Once again, further improvements and now easy Street car inspection.
In this productBrought to the land, we passed the inspection without problems.

Automatically change the optical Axis by the shape of the valves are used, etc.
In that case, please note that you may not pass by the judgment of the inspectors.

Design |Glowing sense of the distinctive eye corner lights

Become a presence of exquisite balance and multi-reflector design.
And the atmosphere in making the multi-reflector looks bright, of the latest models
More Custom Degree presence rise up further, in combination with HID Kit
I think ‘good to replace’! Ideal for safety and dress up.

SA b series |Please check the below sizes.

Height approx 128 mm
Approx. 185 mm

Height approx 145 mm
Approx. 200 mm

Set contents:Rectangular multi head lights

Multi reflector head lights. 1 piece

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

Replacing the car please refer to the following items. Will be replaced with the stock lens. If damaged goods and small machining is required for generic products, the following models when mounting the interference in and install on your own will void the warranty. Working for non-bike shop (the shop mechanic), responsible for the failure, any warranty is so near you of please request this service from bike shops.

* On the manufacturing process, may be rare in small bubbles. Please note that.

Compatible models:Suitable for a wide range of models

Recommended mounting models examples