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Brake Pad | Brake Pad | For XJR1300, RP03J (01-10), FZS1000 feather (01-03), FZ-1 (01-03)

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Brand new brake pads

Performance:Sure stopping power

Cheap and realized the OE equivalent durability and braking power.
Pads has excellent abrasion resistance and squeal of the brakes is not available.

SA b series |Medium-displacement of large classes

About 63.2 mmX approximately 60 mmX 8.9 mm.

Set contents:Brake pads

Is the brake pad left and right two pairs (1 Caliper min) price.

* Quantity 1, one Caliper. Please order according to your vehicle.
* May vary depending on the model Custom content, and the content of the above. Now check your pads on, please order.

Mounting method:Installation requires maintenance knowledge

Mounting instructions is not attached.
We measure by product slight individual difference is that please.
Because the installation of this product requires maintenance knowledge to install not confident your local’s request to the bike shop.
If on your own installation work accidents, damage and void the warranty.

Compatible models:Caliper 1 minutes

Please refer to the compatibility table below for compatible models.

XJR1300 (RP03J) 01-10 (R) / FZS1000 feather 01-(03 ~)FZ-1 01 (R) /-(03 ~)(R)