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Tank Pad | Carbon XJR400R yzf-R6 yzf-R1 FZS1000 feather FAZER FJR1300

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Tank cap protector

Carbon tank part

Performance-Suitable for a wide range of models!
When you open the tank cap,
Just keychains and other key “95pc’ hit to the tank cap, would not become scratched?
With rivet belt buckle and wear jeans and Chuck does not attack the tank important?
Keep it clean if you put out a beautiful and
Can use as the scars hidden vehicle unfortunately gone into wounds, because the color is popular carbon
It is active for a protector as well as fashion items.

Set contents-Good bargain on this set!
Tank cap protector: 1 set
Tank part: 1 set

How to mount-Should work for individuals on the sticker!
Since replacing the we are stuck on the sole protector of double-sided tApe as normal sticker skim from paste. Not confident in installing your local’s please ask to the bike shop. Please note that is installed on your own, damaged goods, vehicle, etc., warranty if.

Compatible models-5 bis models for
Because this product is generic products to a variety of vehicles fitted with ingenuity and processed as soon as.
Please once again, confirm the shape before you order.
You may not design by model year vehicle because this product is a generic product listed on the compatible models.

Suggest replacing the models (one example)
* Also can be fitted to other models.

XJR400R YZF-R1 YZF-R6 FJR1300, also many have compatible models.