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Seat | Tuck Roll Type Seat | Black: For XJR400, XJR400 4HM, XJR400S4HM2, XJR400R4HM, XJR400R2 4HM

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For XJR400
Tuck roll seat ASSY

Performance:A comfortable atmosphere!

Falling and standing part enters the wound with the widow, etc..
Just Coco becomes beautiful body you will see beautiful.
But with many brand new sheet will haunt to purchase expensive and will not?
At the low price of please consider this opportunity listings.

Design |Tuck roll type

This design unique to tuck roll type!
A wide range of Custom vehicle from normal vehicles can be used in styles.

Set contents:Please check

Sheets tuck role type. 1 piece
Tandem belt. 1 piece
* Tandem belt is included as a bonus.

* Installation and operating instructions are not included. Mounting method:Who is improving knowledge work

Working for non-bike shop (the shop mechanic), responsible for the failure, any warranty is so near you of please request this service from bike shops.

* Needs and tasks such as sharpening, and overseas parts, so individual differences can occur.
* Please use genuine mounting brackets.
* Please use air impact wrench, tighten the nut for mounting to prevent idle.
* Empty the tandem belt mounting bolt holes in the seat base and is processed. During belt installation free up holes in the leather. Compatible models:For the following models


XJR400 93-96 (4HM1-4HM7)
XJR400R95-96 (4HM3-4HM6)
XJR400S94 (4HM2)
XJR400RII 96 (4HM5)