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Head Light | 8 inches Headlight | For XJR400R, XJR400S, XJR400, R1-Z, RZ350R, RZ250R.

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8 inch head lights multi


Performance:Multi-reflector efficiently spread the light!

Multi reflector so efficiently spreading light and the will overturned brighten up front.
Lens is no problem HID-only material.
Pralines are so heavy and like a glass, ideal for weight reduction.
By to clear lens multi reflector adopts and spread the light efficiency.
H4 bulb with further! To a multi-reflector replacement is best you think.

Design |Multi-lens tighten up front!

Helps to clear lens multi reflector of from a normal lens
To the normal lens sharpness can dress to the body and clear image.
Regarding compatible models we have stated to below.

SA b series |Standard size!

Lens diameter 170 mm
Raitorimu diameter 200 mm

Set contents:One minute!

Headlight unit. 1 piece
RIM set. 1 set
Bulb H4 12 V 60 / 55W… 1 piece

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

Please see below items is based on replacing the vehicle. Will be replaced with the stock lens. Small machining is required for generic products, the following models is interference when mounting. Not confident because there is no guarantee if you were working on your own can relatively easily be replaced, please leave it in shops, etc.. After accepted by vehicle-specific installation instructions for generic products, please note that we do not.

Compatible models:Suitable for a wide range of models

Suggest replacing the model examples
You also cannot mount with model year vehicle. Please refer to the below.


XJR400 (4 HM)
XJR400S (4 HM)
XJR400R (4 HM RH02J)
RZ250R (29 L)
RZ350R (29 Y)
R1-Z (3 XC)