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Rear Suspension | Rear shock black / red CB400SF NC31 CB400SF Revo NC42 CL400

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Rear suspension

For more information:Content type color set

Rear suspension (335 mm)
Reserve tank
Rear suspension (right). 1 piece
Rear suspension (left). 1 piece
Spring adjustment wrench. 1 piece
Color (14 mm). 2 pieces
Color (12 mm). 2 pieces

* Installation and operating instructions are not included.
* With imported products, manufacturing processes and may have damaged during transportation, etc..

Notes:Please make sure your check.

A relatively simple task but if accident occurred and installed on your own, but items that are damaged in any form voids the warranty of our products.

Working for non-bike shop (the shop mechanic), responsible for the failure, any warranty is so near you of please request this service from bike shops.

Also, we contact about replacing the answer in our guaranteed. If you have any questions, please of please consult to the bike shop.

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done.

-Replacement of suspension each side carefully.
And please, focusing the Jack under the vehicle, or a swing-arm suspension load is not applied.
-Please remove the bolts under the swing arm, seat cowl.
? Remove the bolt, please remove the suspension.
-Replaced by suspension sent to you, please fixed with bolts.
, And worn on the body and checked for operation, is complete.

* Accident prevention for the after work, make sure bolt is tightened, please confirm.

Compatible models:For the following models

Please order from * now the entire length of your rear shock be sure have gotten.
If the height is differ from the standard State after.


CB400Super Four (NC31)
CB400Super Four VTEC SPEC1 (NC39)
CB400Super Four VTEC SPEC2 (NC39)
CB400Super Four VTEC SPEC3 (NC39)
CB400Super Four VTEC Revo (NC42)
CB 400 Super Boldor (NC39)
CB 400 Super Boldor (NC42)
CL400 (NC38)
VRX Roadster (NC33)


SRX400 ( 1JL/3VN )
XJR400 (4 HM)
XJR400R ( 4HM/RH02J )
XJR400RII (4 HM)


GSX 400 Impulse (GK79A)
Impulse 400 (GK79A)


ZEPHYR400 (ZR400C)