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Fairing Set | Zephyr 750 exterior set Tiger color Zephyr 750 z750c Zephyr 750 RS z750c tank cover side cover front fenders rear fenders

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Exterior sets

Performance |For repair and suitable for makeover

As well as genuine in ABS plastic molded. As for enters wounds, in the fall, or when repairing,
You use whenever you want to makeover from the current color.
Cowl of the stock is very expensive. Because the available exterior 8 pieces brand new genuine cowl 2 or 3 points or so price is great.
You can finish the design and come with single-seat cover, Lacey was refreshing and.

Design |Factory pattern

In stock as well as pattern coloring is just replace the exterior is painted, so currently in use. Is clear coating and also the shiny finish.

* May vary slightly in color vehicle and the exterior set outside parts so.

Set contents |Call set

Front fender
Tank cover
Left side cover
Right side cover
Seat cowl

* Emblems are not included. Have you provided on your own.
* Mounting instructions, the operating instructions are not included.
If you have such small scratch seems to be during production, transportation, etc., to stick.

Notes |Please check it.

This item is required and processing and coordination.
Regarding the inquiry on the attached answer guaranteed.
If there are bubbles, the color combination also.
Please order our understanding only.

How to install |Development knowledge and experience working please done!

When required and processing and coordination. Using the planing, drilling of holes, spacers, please attached.
Working for non-bike shop (the shop mechanic), responsible for the failure, any warranty is so near you of please request this service from bike shops.

Compatible models |For the following models


ZEPHYR750 (ZR750C) ZEPHYR750 RS (ZR750C)