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EU headlight cowl green D Tracker KDX125 D Tracker X Super Sherpa KDX250R KLX250SR KX250F KX250 KDX220R KLX250ES KLX250 KDX220SR KDX250SR KDX200R KDX125SR KLX125 D Tracker 125 KLX250S KLX250R KLX150S

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EU headlight cowl

Performance |Supports a wide range of models!

LED bulb replacement is equipped with excellent position lamps (12 V5W) also with H4 (12V35/35 W) valve type headlight (lens) headlight cowl, so to even the good not light, HID for too good a high degree of freedom using the headlights. H4 bulb, so of course Hi Low switch. It is attached to the mounting bracket with fork handy lover Stat we attach to mask body.

* During the manufacturing process was white, please note that may be a part opaque.

Design |Familiar faces and a blaze face

H4 headlamps equipped with mask innovative design made in design of modern body of moderation.
Really recommend that people get tired of the design of the bike now and want to dress up in masks.

* If you were damaged and processed product out of warranty.

Support Lee’s |Maximum measurement

Headlight mask. 1 piece
Headlight H4 bulbs (which is already installed)
Position T10 bulb (which is already installed)
Installing a generic lover stat. 1 set

Set contents |Body mask + mounting bracket

Headlight mask. 1 piece
Headlight H4 bulbs (which is already installed)
Position T10 bulb (which is already installed)
Installing a generic lover stat. 1 set

How to install |Development knowledge and experience working please done!

H4 bulb not included with the coupler so vehicle mounting plan H4 coupler are not used vehicles
Mounting and wiring. Valve wiring ground black and blue will be high beam and low beam, white. Be careful when wiring. Position lamp black is ground, blue is + line. Be careful when wiring. Position light black earth
Green + line. 12 V and generic products will be mounting on various models ideas as soon as possible.
Type in comes bands receive fixed, on Falk is mounting for easy mounting mounting
You may be installing Small machining by high or low beam wiring process and interference the light.

Any bike shop (the shop mechanic) other than those working near you so would void the warranty under any circumstances is responsible for the failure of bike shops, please contact.

* Volty products dropout prevention for each bolts tighten and, please attach to the body.

Compatible models |Suitable for a wide range of models

Please see below for compatible models.
Please check the size of the vehicle there is a subtly different length models.

Suggest replacing the model 1 (example)


The XR650R XR600R XR400R XR250 motard XR400 motard XR400R
SL230 CRF450R CRF230F CRF250R CRF250X CRF150R
CRM250AR CRM250R TLM220R TLR200 CR125R


WR450F YZ450F YZ400F YZ426F TT250R Reid Theroux 225 W 250 Bronco Tricker
TW200 TW225 YZ250F WR250F XT250X DT200WR DT200R Tricker Lanza DT125R


RMZ450 DR-Z400R DR-Z400S DR250S DR250R dr250sce Jebel 250 XC 250SB
Jebel DF200E 200 RMX250R RMX250S TS200R TS125R


KLX250SR D Tracker Super Sherpa KDX250SR KDX220SR KDX200SR KDX125SR