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Lever | Lever set gold / black r-type yzf-R1 RN01 99 00-03 FZS1000 FZS1000S01-05 yzf-R6 RJ03 99-04 brake lever clutch lever

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R-type billet levers

For more information |Type color set includes

Billet levers
Adopt a anodized aluminum
Brake lever. 1 piece
Clutch lever. 1 piece

* Installation and operating instructions are not included.
* With imported products, the manufacturing process and may have damaged during transportation, etc..

* Billet levers are decorated with precision machining. The proof is seen a slight cutting scars on the surface. Please note that differ by commodity was cutting.

Notes |Always check please.

A relatively easy task but is installed on your own, but the items that are damaged, accident occurred when in any case voids the warranty of our products.

Any bike shop (the shop mechanic) other than those working near you so would void the warranty under any circumstances is responsible for the failure of bike shops, please contact.

Also, can we contact about replacing the answer in our elite. If you have any questions, please of please consult to the bike shop.

How to install |Development knowledge and experience the work go.

-Remove both brake levers, clutch lever, remove the bolts and nuts from the lever holder.
-Attach and send brake levers, clutch lever.
-Make sure that the bolt is tightened, operational review, is complete.

* Bolted products dropout prevention for each bolts tighten and, please attach to the body.

* Or for the prevention of accidents, after work, make sure the bolt is tightened, check please.

Compatible models |For the following models


Yzf-R6 (RJ 3:05 EB1/5 5MT1/8/B-05 RJ: 5SL1/7/B/K) ‘ 99-‘ 04
Yzf-R1 (RN 01: 4XV7/8) ‘ 99
Yzf-R1 (RN 1:05 JJ1/F 5JJ8/F & RN 9:05 PW1 5PW7/D) ‘ 00-‘ 03
FZS1000/S (5LV1/8/F/N/Y, 1 C 21 / 5 and 8 / A) ‘ 01-‘ 05

Clutch lever * yzf-R1 RN01 ‘ does not conform to the model 98 年 初期.

* Unlike the master cylinder lever shape is same as used by the year, sufficient arguments which may not be.
Be sure enough to work after installing the traveling prior to uninterrupted.