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Mirror | Mirror right and left set | For GEAR, V50D, JOG ZS, RZ50, YB50, BW'S100, V50, V50B, JOG EX, Cigna X, Town Mate, T90D, Ground Axis, YB-1, JOG, BW'S50, AXIS90, RZ50S,

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Moped scooter mirrors set

Details: Type color size set contents

Moped scooter mirrors

Adopt a black

Screw the M8 positive screw, M8 markd

Left 1 set (2 pieces)

* As well as genuine mirror convex adopted.

Notes: Always please check.

Cannot be mounted on vehicles due to safety regulations, was made in 1/1 0/2007 (2007).

If you encounter any problems attached to the vehicle that we posted the model name in the product title and compatible models, 1/1 0/2007 (2007) we disclaim any responsibility. Please note that.

Requirements: For mounting bolt

Even if there is interference with the brake master please respond with adapter, etc..

Please purchase us order screen if necessary.
* Not received order from the request section.

Mounting method: Development knowledge and experience working please done!

So now your mirror and replacement is an easy task. Tighten nut is a basic task, just to loosen, in personal use and damaged goods if you replace it will void your warranty, so no confidence in those who are near you for please ask to the bike shop.

Compatible models: Suitable for a wide range of models

Because generic products are available on many of its models. Even mentioned models depending on model year, body-side mounting bolt says 8 mm, and 10 mm. Please once again, bolt says confirmation before placing an order.

Suggest replacing the model examples


Axis50 Axis 50 BJ 50 BW’S 50 DT50 FT50 FX50 GEAR GEAR
Aprio MR50 PW50 DR50 RX50 RX50SP RZ50 TDR50 TT-R50E TY50
TZ50 TZM50R TZR50 TZR50R VOX YB-1 YB-1Four YB50
YF-1 YSR50 active carrot cute Sariang
Super JOG slider tawny townmate 50 Chappy 50
Champ Champ CX Champ RS Tri newsmen V50N
Passow parasol and parasol II Beano XC50D Vogel Beluga 50
PKK Bobbi 50 Malik Mint mate remote control JOG
リモコンビーノ JT60 YF60 GT80 JOG 80 YZ80 MR80 PW80 TDR80 YF80M YSR80
YZ80LW town mate chappy 80 80 Champ 80 Beluga 80 Bobby 80 mate 80
YZ85 YZ85LW Axis90 HT-1 HT90 JOG90 RD90 townmate T90 BW ‘ S100 CUXI100
JOG100 RS ZERO RSZ100Fi gland Axis 100 TT-R110E Mio MX Mio115 Fino
Fiore tiara 120R AS-2 AT-1 Axis 125 Axis treat BW ‘ S125Fi CZ125 Tracy
DT125 DT125R GTR125 Mio125 Mio125GP RD125 RZ125 SR125 TDR125 TT-R125LW
TY125 TZR125 TZR125R TZR125RR WR125R WR125X XT125 XT125R XTZ125 XTZ125E
XV125 Virago YB125 YD125 YW125X
Cygnus Cygnus 125 125D Cygnus 125 Si Cygnus 125 SV Cygnus x 125-4 V Cygnus X
Cygnus X FI Cygnus X SR Cygnus Z Beano R Majesty 125
Majesty 125 DX Majesty 125 FI Majesty 125 SDX Max star 125,