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LED License Plate Light | SMD14 light glass trucker VTR1000SP-I TW225 V-MAX1200 CBR600RR est rare Z1000 XJR400 CB1300SF GSX1400 CBR1000RR ZZ-R1200 ZRX1200 ZX-9R CRM250AR KLX250 CB900 Hornet ZZ-R1400 XJR1300

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High-Brightness LED license lamp
License lamp Kit


Performance: High brightness SMD LED total 14 lights!

High brightness and low power consumption! License plate lamp is now LED era!
It is equipped with 12 lights next to the high brightness SMD LED license lamp.
In addition, it with high brightness SMD LED with bolt 2 pieces! You can also use normal number bolts and replace the.
In total 14 LED illuminates number.
Angle adjustment is easy because each LED are fixed bolts. Depending on the device you use numbers in addition to.

Design | Chrome-plated!

Is a high-quality chrome-plated license slump.
Stylish number mounting bolts with aluminium-colour!

SA b series | Maximum Horizontal approx. 195 mm

Next: best large approx. 195 mm
(If you have installed next to the bolt with LED)

Set contents: LED license lamp Kit

LED license lamp. 1 Piece
LED bolts… 2 Pieces
No. mounting bolts. 2 Pieces

Mounting method: Development knowledge and experience please work!

If this product is for generic products, when mounting the additional small machining is required. Processing method is different according to the model, so in our support to installation details. Eligible security if the goods were damaged, and install on your own, so not confident in installing your local’s please ask to the bike shop.

* Please attach to the body, then tighten bolts for each part for dropout prevention.

Compatible models: Suitable for a wide range of models

Replacing the reference vehicle examples
* Suitable for 12 V models


Ape Ape Bite Bites DAX5050 DAX50 50 Dio DIO FIFTY Magna Magna 50 R & P Solo
XR50 Motard Cubra Gorilla Gyro Up Gyro X shary Zoomer Dream 50 Monkey CRM80
Ape100 Ape100 XR100 Motard Dio110 WAVE110i PCX XLR125R TLM220R CB223S FTR223 SL230 XL230
XR230 XR230 Motard AX-1 CRM250AR CRM250R FTR250 GB250 Clubman HORNET 250 JADE
PS250 VT250F VT250SPADA VTR250 V-TWIN MAGNA V twin Magna VTZ250 XLR250R XR BAJA XR250
XR250 Motard XR250R silk Degree phase Foresight Forza Freeway
Level CB350Four BROS400 BROS400 CB400F CB400Four CB400SS CB400Super Four CB400T CBX400F CL400
GB400TT VRX Roadster VT400S XR400 Motard Shadow 400 Shadow 400 Custom
Shadow 400 Classic Shadow Slasher Sliver Wing 400 Suzuki 400 Hawk 2
CB550Four CBX550F HORNETHORNET600 600 CB750 CB750 F CB750 Four CB750 K VT750S Shadow 750
CB900F CB900 HORNET CB1000Super Four CBX1000 VTR1000F CB1100F VTR1000SP-I X 11 CB1300Super Four
CB1300Super Border VT1300CS VT1300CR VT1300CX X4 X4LD Valkyrie


GEAR GEAR JOG JOG RZ50 VOX JOG100 RSZ100Fi Grand Axis100 Axis treat BW ‘ S125Fi
Mio125 XTZ125E YBR125K YBR125 YZF-R125 Cygnus X Majesty 125 TW200 TW200E BRONCO
TW225 TW225E BRONCO Serow 250 225 Lanza FZR250R R1-Z RZ250 RZ250R SRV250 TT250R
TT250RRaid TZR250 WR250 XT250X XV250 Virago YBR250 YZ250F Zeal Grand Majesty 250
Serow 250 250 Zeile Drag Star 250Tricker Maxam Majesty Majesty C r’nessa
FZ400 SR400 SRX400 XJR400 Grand Majesty 400 Drag Star 400 Drag Star Classic 400
SR500-TMAX XJ6N XJ6 diversion XJ6 diversion ABS XJ6 diversion F
XJ6 diversion FABS YZF-R6 FAZER8 FZ8 TRX850 TDM900 XVS950A FZ-1 FZ-1FAZER
FZ-1 feather FZ-1S YZF-R1 Drag Star 1100 Drag Star Classic 1100
VMAX XJR1200 XT1200Z Super tenere FJR1300AS XJR1300 XVS1300CA Royal Star tour Classic
XV 1600A XV 1600A Wild Star XV 1600 Roadster MT-01 XV 1700 AS XV 1700 AS Road Star Midnight
XV 1700 A Roadster XV 1700PC XV 1600 Road Star XV 1700 Warrior XV 1700 Warrior XV 1900A midnight
XV 1900CU


D Tracker 125 KDX125SR KLX125 Eliminator 125 250TR BALIUS BALIUS BALIUS-II BALIUS-II
D Tracker KLX250 Ninja 250R Ninja 250R ZXR250 ZZ-R250 EST air Eliminator 250
Super Sherpa ER-4n GPZ400F KH400 Ninja 400R Ninja 400R W400 Z400FX Z400GZEPHYR400
Vulcan 400 Classic Vulcan 400 Drifter 500 SS Mach 3 ZX-6R ER-6f er-6n Ninja 650R Versys
Vulcan 900 Classic KZ1000 KZ 1000 MK-2 Ninja 1000 Ninja ZX-10R Z1000 Z1000MK2 Z 1000R-2
ZRX1100 ZRX1100-II ZZ-R1100 ZRX1200 DAEG ZRX1200R ZRX1200S ZX-12R ZZ-R1200 1400GTR Ninja ZX-14R
ZX-14 ZZ-R1400 Vulcan 1500 Classic Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi Vulcan 1500 Classic Tourer
Vulcan 1500 Classic Tourer Fi Vulcan 1500 leak Vulcan 1700 Voyager
VN2000 Vulcan 400II000


Lets Lets 4 5 Lets 5 G AN125 EN125 GN125 GN125H GS125 GSR125 GSR125NEX Address V125
GZ150 GZ150-A Avenue Vecstar 150 150 Jebel 200 200 Vanvan 250SB
Bandit250 Bandit250 Bandit250V Bandit250V GSX250FX GSX250SKATANA
GSX250S KATANA GZ250 RG250 Gemma RGV250 Gemma RMX250S ST250 SW-1-LC250
Grass Tracker Jebel 250 XC Gemma Sky Wave 250 Sky Wave 250 LTD version
Sky Wave 250 SS Marauder 250 Goose350 GT380 DR-Z400SM GS400 GSR400 GSR400ABS
GSX400SKATANA GSX 400 Impulse INAZUMA400 SV400S Intruder Intruder 400 Classic
Gladius 400 ABS Sky Wave 400 Desperado 400X Desperado
Tempting Bluebird 400 GSX-R600 V-Strom 650 Gladius Sky Wave 650
GSX1100SKATANA GSX1100S KATANA GSX-R1100 Bandit1200 Bandit1200 Bandit1200 S Bandit1200S
GSF1200 INAZUMA1200 INAZUMA1200 Bandit1250 ABS Bandit1250 ABS Bandit1250FABS
Bandit1250F ABS Bandit1250SABS Bandit1250A ABS GSX1300BKB-KING GSX1300R Hayabusa
HAYABUSA1300 GSX1400 Bluebird C109R Bluebird M109R