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Mini Inflater | DC12V high pressure valve adapter pump inflator. Easy to carry.

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Mini-air inflater

Detailed |Type color set contents

Small air inflater (inflator) 12V power supply
I adopt 12V power supply drive

12V power supply
The biggest pressure: 50pSi /350kPs
Gear type, cooling fan incorporation
LED light incorporation
Pressure gauge (BAR, PSI) incorporation with LED light
Air filling time: Approximately seven minutes 195/60R15 tire
I acquire International Standard IS09001, IS014001

12V power supply mini-inflater (the body) … one
Storage bag … one
Cigar socket power supply connector … one
O-type terminal battery power supply connector … one (with a 15A fuse)
SAE terminal battery power supply connector … one (with a 15A fuse)
Air hose valve connector … one
Adapter (thin) … one for the small leisure
Adapter (large) … one for the small leisure
Needle adapter … one for the ball

※Import goods have it, and there may be a manufacturing process and a scratch in the transportation middle.

Use use |It is aired easily.

With an inflater of the 12V power supply drive, it is most suitable for tire leisure as the air supplement of the article, a mobile inflator at the time of the flat. I have enough performance for the use of the tire recreation article while being small. In addition, I can connect the joint hose with the air valve which is packable in the body to the general air valve of the tire directly and can install it using a cigar socket or a battery power supply simply and compactly.

Instructions |I would like confirmation by all means for Japan use.

The time when I can use it for once is up to 30 minutes to have heat during the inflater operation.
You turn off a power supply if you use it for 30 minutes, and, for 20 minutes, please cool off.
The body becomes hot, and smoke may appear from the oil, but is not abnormal. You stop a power supply promptly, and please use it again after cooling the body.

※When I use it more than 30 minutes, heat breaks down by a cause and might transform it.

※This product incorporates an automatic lubricator of the everlastingness with a maintenance-free type motor.
When I supplement a lubricant, the lubricant hopes that I do not supplement it as it causes the trouble.

※When a product is dismantled, the guarantee is not intended. Please understand it beforehand.

※When you use the product, please turn on the engine of the car before use it.