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Chain | Chrome-plated chain O ring custom O ring chain 530-120L Zephyr 1100 ZRX1100 CB1300SF CB250T CB400T Hawk Bab CB750F RZ250 RZ350

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Chrome-plated chain
530 – seal type 120 l

Performance |Y-N chain more strength and

-BN chain until now that we have covered
I found more good quality chain started selling. Should 1 rank on the manufacturers,
Plate decoration with YB-and is enhanced as incomparable.
Among trading companies in the country of origin is a well-known story as strength and surface treatment quality rank.
Y was dealing with a previously-fitted with more than N also equipped for durability verification, check
Excellent reputations in the field.

Need seal chain plated received numerous requests from our customers while
Seal type had been developed, chrome-plated chain is finally launched.
And in the various chains of ever shine worldwide gross amount of the popular No. 1 manufacturer
At the height of the surface treatment and quality is especially famous in Europe.
I think because bike shops are using from the usual chain of manufacturers from all over the world recognized as safe, and can be used.
Many people become repeat visitors, long favored.
We are equipped with sealing for persuading the durable in addition to encapsulating grease to the moving parts.
I can feel the difference if you try this product in high-quality, durability, and.

This product is in displacement and has become a vehicle for large displacement.
Ships shot photo products, however, the goods are included in the package.

Design |Difference in chrome-plated

Shiny chrome plating is applied. Compared to the stock type metal chain to rust the durability is rising dramatically.
Equipped with a sealing for further persuading the durability of the sealed grease moving parts

Support Lee’s |-Large emission class

530 – 120 l fastener chain
Compatible with the current number of links in your chain 120 L within.

How to install |Development knowledge and experience working please done!

This product is a chain of crimp type. Installation, requires some degree of development knowledge. Now your chain is replaced, so basically a simple task. Near you is no confidence in the bike shop, please contact. If the goods were damaged, and installed in your warranty.

Any bike shop (the shop mechanic) other than those working near you so would void the warranty under any circumstances is responsible for the failure of bike shops, please contact.

Compatible models |Suitable for a wide range of models

There is a missing link number models in relation to sprocket
Before ordering, please check your car chain size, number of links.


CB250T CB250N CM250TA Hawk (78) CB350Four (72), CB400F CB400Four (76-80)
CB400LC (82), CB400D (SuperHAWK2 Super Hawk) (81-83) SUPER HAWK (80 / 81)
CB400S (84) CB400N (HAWK3) (79 / 80) CB400T/AT (HAWK2) (78 / 79) CM400T
NS400F CS400R (85-88) CB500K-1-K3 FT500 VF400F INTEGRA (82-85).
CBX550F (83) CBR600F-1/2 (90-93) CBR600RR (03-06) CB750XD (69 / 70).
CB750 K1-K6 (71-76) CB750FA FB FC (80-83) CB750AERO’s (87-) CBX750F (83-86)
MAGNA750 RS (93-) VFR750F VF750F (82-85) (86-) VFR800 (03-05)
HORNET900 (EXPORT) VFR800 (EXPORT) (98-05) CB900F border (79-84).
(92-95) CBR900RR fireblade CBR900RR fireblade (EXPORT) (00 / 01).
CB954RR (02-) CB900F Hornet 900 CBR1000FH / J (97-99) CBR1000F (87-92).
CBR1000R (95) (80) cbx6000’s 6000f(export) vf6000f vf6000r (84) VTR (97-)
VTR1000SP-1 (00 / 01) VTR1000SP-2 (02-) CB1100F CB1100R CBR1000RR (04-06)
CBR1100XX Blackbird x-11 CB1300SF (EXPORT) (03-05)
CB1300SF CB1300 Super bold all (05)


XS250SP RZ250 (78) XS250SP (78-80) RZ350 SR400 (78-87) XS400SP (79 / 80).
XS400 (82) XS400SE (82-) RZV500 SR500 XJ400 XJ400D (78-87) FZR600 (89-95).
XJ600 (83) FZ-6S/N (04) FZS600 feather (98-02) TX650 YZF600R Thundercat
XS650 FZR750 (87-92) is (86-89) FZX750 FZX750 FZ750 (85-87) (90-) YZF-R7 (99-)
Feather YZX750 FZS1000 (01-05) yzf-R1 FJ1100 MT-01 FJ1200 FJ1200ABS


Z250FT Z400FX ZZ-R400 Z550FX GPZ600R ZZ-R600 GPX750R GPZ750R ZXR750
ZXR750R Vulcan 800 Vulcan drifter 800 Vulcan 800 classic GPZ900R
ZX-9 Ninja (94-01) GPZ 1100 (95-00) GPZ1100ABS Zephyr 1100 Zephyr 1100 RS
ZRX1100 ZRX11002 ZZ-R1100 ZRX1200R ZRX1200S ZZR1200 ZZR1400


GSX400E (77-78), RF600R (93) GSX400L RG500 gamma GSF600 GSX400FX (81-86)
GSF600S Bandit (95-04) GSX600F (-95) is the XN85 GR650 (83-) gs750 (96-02)
GSX750E (80-) GSX750F GSX750S (84-86) GSX750S (84-) GSX-R750 (90-94)
GSX-R750 (88-) GSX-R750 (87) GSX-R750T/V (96/97), GSX-R750R (89)
VZ800V des pettanko lard/x (97-) RF900R (94-) TL1000S GSX-R1000 (01-06)
TL1000R (97-02) Bandit 1200 S (00-) GS1200SS (01-) GSF1200 (95-00)
GSF1200 SAV (-00) GSF1200S/V/ST/SV (-99) GSX-R1200 (98/99), inazuma 1200
GSX1300R Hayabusa Falcon GSX1400 GSX1400Z