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Chain | DID 420 d-140 RB S & S silver chain standard 420-140

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DID chain
Standard series
420D-140RB S & S

Product information |Domestic chain

Standard models to demonstrate stable performance with solid Bush transformed into a high-performance further.
D.I.D to hone their peace of mind and confidence that natural performance, it won’t compromise.
Unique D.I.D boasts a maker top genuine employment rate * 2 wheel made by Japan’s bring you high quality.

«In the cold while forging solid Bush adopted long life»
Is the high rigidity of Bush with a smooth surface without seams and roundness.
PIN and rationalization of the contact surfaces between the PIN and bushing and have developed their own special grease, of chain elongation caused by wear, wear life was UP 1.2 to 4 times more than the conventional type.

Product information |Color and size

Color: Silver
Size: 420-140 L (clip type)

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